Pray loudly or quietly – 07.01.2018

But one of them turned back when he saw that he was healed; and he praised God with a loud voice.
Luke 17:15

We cannot see or hear another person’s thoughts, and no one can know our thoughts. Even the enemy can’t read our thoughts.

Others, including the enemy, can only guess what we think. And they can guess from our words, actions, or our facial expressions what is going on inside us.
We ourselves do not always know exactly what is going on in ourselves. Our thoughts are not as concrete as words, many things are blurred, blurry and half-baked. When we put it into words, we have to concentrate.
God alone explores the deepest depths of my heart, feeling and thinking. Nothing is hidden from Him. Therefore HE listens to my silent sighs and the desires of my heart. HE sees whether I am grateful or angry with Him. He knows everything.
There are terrible times when we are no longer able to pray; – and yet God hears our sighs. There are times of joy that we can no longer put into words; – and God rejoices with us.
Silent prayer is justified when I am in company and pray silently for people. Or when I go for a walk and talk to him quietly. Then HE can speak into my thoughts.
But I have noticed a difference when I pray for something, whether I do it loudly or quietly. Something else happens to me when I start praying aloud. I feel God’s presence much more strongly, I notice much more authority in prayer. And I am sure of victory.
Is it because the invisible world is also listening? God’s praise is always appalling for the evil one, he must flee. How can a wicked spirit listen to me when I tell him to disappear in silence? He can’t hear it!
And the praise of God in this world is important to contain and defeat evil. When we praise God loudly, the angels come to us and sing along. The evil one must retreat. It is a proclamation of God’s victory over evil. It’s a live gun we have in our mouths: The praise of God. That is why Psalm 149:6 says: “Songs of praise to God in her mouth; a double-edged sword in her hand …”

Thank you, Jesus! You know me through and through. You know my thoughts and feelings, you know my deepest depths. Everything is clearly and frankly in front of you. And I will praise you with a loud voice, let everyone hear it: You are the Redeemer, Liberator, Savior, You are my helper and friend! You are the LORD who governeth all things gloriously!


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