The Commandment of Jesus – 2018.01.09

I will put my spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws.
Ezekiel 36,27

That’s really good news for me! I had struggled so hard to keep Jesus’ commandments. I had been able to avoid the gross sins, stealing, adultery, lying, murder, etc. But Jesus had tightened these laws in the Sermon on the Mount: Whoever thinks that the other is an idiot is already guilty of murder? Whoever does not look at only one woman is guilty of adultery….. oh, I could not always stand there with a clear conscience. And then came the new commandments in the New Testament: a Christian should be joyful, grateful, full of peace, patient, gentle….. I’m a loser, not a saint. How I struggled, how my conscience sued me – and yet, I couldn’t keep the law. How good that Jesus always forgave me and comforted me.
But then the power of the Holy Spirit came into me. Finally I could be joyful, grateful, I loved to pray and to the Bible… suddenly everything was very simple. I could believe! I could accept forgiveness completely, accept the love of God, the doubts had disappeared! What a wonderful liberation!
There is only one way to make this possible: God Himself must accomplish in me what He demands of me. And only that brings freedom of faith.
How good God is to me! Now I can talk to Him constantly, without a guilty conscience, without ifs and buts, nothing separates me from Him. He lives in me.
How good God’s salvation is for me! Completely safe in His hand.
I’m still not a saint. But I believe in His forgiveness! And every morning I can go cheerfully and gratefully into the new day. HE became my friend, loving father, encourager, helper and savior.
Now I can live for Him. For HE first loved me, and He did everything in me that is necessary to serve Him. HE is worth living for.

Thank you, Jesus! You cleared the way to God! Now I live in God and HE in me. How good it feels to me! I want to be all yours, and I want you in my heart forever!


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