The Power of Intercession – 2017.11.22

My servant Job will pray for you, and I will accept his prayer and not deal with you according to your folly…
After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.
Job 42: 8+10

I am fascinated by the power of intercession. God listens to the prayer of the righteous and miracles happen inside and outside.
Our prayers are often very childish. We see the problem, or the person in trouble, are scared and excitedly urge God to help, to do this and that. Our own compassion drives us. We tell God, which plan is best. All kind of proposals we make how He should fix it. It almost seems that God is too old and no longer understands the overall situation and that we therefore have to help Him.
True intercession is different. We turn to God, seek His face and ask Him: What is Your will?  How do you see and judge this person? One time, when I wanted to pray for an old lady walking very bent, God gave me very hard words: “She does not seek Me!” That shocked me and I remained quiet for a while. She needed healing but did not know the source of salvation, Jesus!  What a pity!
In any case I ask first for the opinion of God to know His view of a problem or a person. This helps me to pray fully according to His will. And then God can do a lot!
Jesus is our best Intercessor. He is aware of all our troubles on earth, is full of compassion and knows what is best for us. His Spirit tells us how to pray effectively. I totally rely on that principle because I often have experienced it.
God likes to help, to do miracles, to heal, to reach and soften hearts. He is waiting for our intercession so that He can come into action!
And do not forget to thank. When Jesus healed the 10 lepers, only one of them returned to Jesus to thank Him. This kind of faith fully saves. That should be our goal: to lead people to this deep faith in God. Healing and miracles will help thereby, will awake people to trust and give their hearts to Jesus.
Sometimes a severe illness causes people to seek Jesus. They should get to know Him first so that He can heal them later. It could well be that He wants to give us more, greater things than a mere healing.

Jesus, You like us so much! This is beyond our understanding. You wait for our prayer, so that You can come into action. You wish the cooperation with us!  More I will pray, will not let me be distracted by problems, will seek Your Face always.


No silver, but… – 2017.11.21

Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.
Acts  3:6

God could bless us with a lot of money, gold, silver and possessions. But he doesn’t. For HE knows that for many of us it would be a great temptation. Already other great people in the kingdom of God have succumbed to the temptation of money and exchanged their God; – they are still talking about Jesus and the anointing is often still on them, but their hearts belong to money and luxury.
God wants to spare us this temptation, for many would not be able to resist it. In Proverbs 30:8f the author prays:
Give me neither poverty nor riches,
but give me only my daily bread.
Otherwise I may have too much and disown you
and say,  “Who is the LORD?”
Or I may become poor and steal
and so dishonour the name of my God.
A wise prayer! The man knows that God provides him with all that is necessary, and in this way saves him from the sin of arrogance and greed for money.
There are few Christians who can handle a lot of money and to whom God can entrust even more. This is because they have become indifferent to money and luxury. They have another treasure: Jesus Christ! HE is their LORD and His being is reflected in them; – they want what He wants and loves, what HE loves. How reassuring, such a life!
Peter and John hand out what they have. They have the Spirit of God within them, who makes them rich. They are in touch with the Lord and know that HE wants to heal. So they confidently raise up the paralyzed and say: “Stand up and walk in the name of Jesus Christ!” Immediately the strength came into his limbs and he jumped up, could stand and walk. He jumped around and praised God. The people were very surprised, because they recognized the formerly paralyzed person.
This power of God dwells in us Christians. If we pray, it will be released. We should pray more confidently! – for our God always hears our intercessions. HE may heal, bless, do good!
This power of God in us is worth more than all the gold in the world. Let’s stay clean and pure, so that He may dwell in us! Let us want to stay in touch with Him constantly, for without Him we can do nothing! Let us develop more faith so that God can act through our prayer! It is HE who loves us so much!!

Thank you Jesus for living in us and wanting to talk to us. You want to be with us all the time. Your power wants to work in us and do wonders. Thank you for the peace, joy and confidence you give!

Life in peace — 2017.11.20

God has called us to live in peace.
1 Corinthians 7:15

There are false relationships that God does not want. They often originate from a false sense of duty, or an unnatural bond, almost bondage, or a false understanding of Christian love.
These relationships usually bring a lot of suffering, tension, strife and discord for all those involved.
God did not want them, nor can He bless them. HE certainly stands by His children and holds His hand over them and loves them, but they are not on His way. He would like to bless them more.
Most of the affected children of God know in silence that they have gotten involved in the wrong thing. But they think there is no going back; – they have begun the process, now they must go on to the end, often a bitter end. A lot of suffering comes from this!
God is a God of grace who even forgives wrong decisions and brings people back on the right path. HE can create a way out. HE wants people to take courage, to grasp Him by the hand and let Him lead them out, as HE led Israel out of Egypt.
Every human being, when he is in such a tense relationship, must step before God himself and seek his advice. He must not allow himself to be guided by his own desires, but he can assume that God’s solutions are difficult for him, but the goal is good!
God also does not think much of pious persistence slogans. Usually they come from people who have never been in such a situation and speak of colour just like blind people do. In theory they may be right, but the age of stubborn principles and laws is fortunately over; – God is a God of grace!
If this word touches you as if it were from God, then please start right away. Get out there, leave the mess behind. Start fighting for His peace. Thank you for the protection, love and forgiveness of Him. Re-assign yourself to Him. Tell Him that you want to walk on His hand, go on His way, no matter what it costs you. Leave the consequences for your obedience to Him, even if other people are hurt; – God will balance it.
God will fill you with His peace, if it is right.

Thank you, Jesus! I am safe in Your hand, and I will surely walk on Your hand. Forgive my self-will and my stubbornness. Forgive me for not trusting you, but for living my own opinion of fidelity and duty. Now take my hands and lead me out! I am called to peace, and you will give it to me, thank you.

“A Day in the Light” – 2017.11.19

Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere;
I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
than dwell in the tents of the wicked.
For the Lord God is a sun and shield.
He bestows favor and honor.
Psalms 84: 10 + 11

We still have not reached the sanctuary of God, nor we are yet standing before His throne in front of His face. We are still here on earth and fight. However, we are invited to enter the courtyard of the temple and stand on the threshold of His house!
How good and liberating it is to have a foretaste of heaven!  How refreshing, glorious, encouraging, how joyful and full of peace is it to be in the proximity of God. I love to indulge in worship. He is present when we praise Him for His godness, for His love and His miracles. Often tears flow in blissfully emotion, we have no words. He is there! pure glory!
This is new life, light in darkness, the hope of the losts, forgiveness, grace, a stream of love and healing.
A single day with the Lord of Lords is better than a thousand elsewhere with plagues and troubles when you simply live being bored, not knowing what to do, or being in bad company, where you have to listen to stupid jokes, or sitting in front of the TV to listen to the babble there.
In contrast to above what a blessing to stay one day in the light and grace of Jesus!  How invigorating it is when you withdraw to thank and praise the Lord. How can the Lord stay idle and dormant when His children call Him? No, He covers them with love and grace.
We always want to look at Jesus, never will lose sight of Him, our wonderful Lord. His peace will visibly rest on us, profound joy will fill us. We need His presence all the more when we are in trouble, in the stress of our work. We will lift up our head to Him and not look at the dirty around us. He is still our Lord!

Jesus, we wait for You! You provide us with everything. I find everything with You, joy, profound peace, grace, forgiveness, new hope, new life. You are the source of my life!

Look at Jesus! – 2017.11.18

“You have been raised up with Christ. So think about things that are in heaven. That is where Christ is. He is sitting at God´s right hand. Think about things that are in heaven. Don´t think about things that are on earth. You died …”
Colossians 3.1 ff.

Yes, we want to give everything for Christ! We want to follow Him, no matter what it costs! – those are our words. But then we act just like Peter. First he wanted to defend Jesus with the sword and his life, and then he denied knowing him at all.
We make hundreds of small decisions every day. These choices must increasingly focus on Christ, and then we will slowly learn to look at Jesus. Our entire life style will change according to the small decisions we make every day and so will our bigger, more important decisions. On a large scale, we will make the wrong decisions if we do not practice listening to Jesus and living for his glory on a much smaller scale first.
I had a guest over. The man wanted to have some items from me and I was willing to give them to him. But he measured everything very generously in his favour. He only wanted to pay for what I had paid for, and he rounded off all the prices. It was a bad deal for me, but we weren´t dealing with large sums of money. I actually wanted to help him, but he didn´t understand. His thinking was entirely earthly, despite the fact he had been a Christian for years and had very high standards. Such earthly Christians are not a good reputation for us! Everyone knows this: When it comes to money, Jesus is forgotten.
It is the little things in which our faith shows! Others assess us based on the little things we do because they watch us very closely. And what do you think, how will Jesus judge us?
……because you died. That´s a tough sentence! But Jesus meant, our old and fat self has died for Him. Our selfishness, greed, pride, envy and vengefullness shall die, and everything that revolves only around ourselves, including self pity! We do not want to worry or fear! We want to forget ourselves and believe that Jesus looks after us. And then He will do just that! But my friend had to take care of himself, and that wasn´t good.

Thank you, Jesus! You take care of me and I can easily forget myself. All my self regret, my hurt pride, my indulgence, I give everything to you. I do not want it anymore! I´m looking at you. You are my purpose. I want to please you. Thank you for loving me!

The FLow of Grace – 2017.11.17

Jesus says:
Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.  Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.
John 7:37f.

The redemption that Jesus created for us is all-encompassing. Our bodies are also part of it. Diseases and weakness are a problem for all of us. Healing services and healing preachers attract masses.
God created the doctor and gave us the many medicinal plants and methods. Everything has its place. HE has given us reason so that we can deal with ourselves sensibly and live a healthy life. (We all make mistakes, but our Lord is also above our mistakes.)
He has given us His Holy Spirit who dwells in our body, that is His Temple. HE wants to put everything there in divine order. Whenever we are not connected to Jesus, HE cannot work. Whenever we pray, loudly or quietly, when we read the Bible praying, when we are in communion with our brothers, He can work in us. Thus, HE prevents many diseases and heals many things before we even realise it.
He has given the Spirit, and the temple is the church of God. That’s where the Holy Spirit works. Many miracles have already happened without praying greatly; – simply because we praised the LORD together with our brothers and sisters. Yes, in the community the spirit is strong.
When we pray, HE works in us and we become a channel for the power of God. It can flow from us to other people. We can make direct contact by touching him or laying hands on him, or by praying for him from a distance. God’s Spirit will always work!
The more we are filled with Him, the stronger HE can work. So it’s good to pray all day long, quietly or loudly, depending on the environment (I don’t want people to think I’m crazy. Therefore, I prefer to pray quietly in company).
A man got lung cancer. After some consideration, he went to another city where daily church services are held. So he sat there every day and let the Spirit of God work. And after a few weeks, he became convinced that the cancer had been defeated. This conviction came through the communion with God, and not through any particular preacher. He drove home, had himself examined and indeed, the lung cancer was gone. Hallelujah!

Thank you, Jesus! You truly taking care of me! Yes, I want to have You before of my eyes all day long and I want to be in conversation with You! You are the Good Shepherd, the river of living water, the God who really loves me!!

… all our treasures – 2017.11.16

Within him all treasures of wisdom and awareness are covered.
Colossians 2,3

Within him, that is Jesus! He is the divine secret.
Whoever recognises him and carries him in his heart, has the access to all the treasures of heaven! God want to take care of his children.
If need be, all the treasures of heaven are at your disposal. I got really takes care of us and gives us everything we need and even so much more. He is the giver of all good gifts.
Sometimes we are incapable to deal with riches like Jesus wants us to do. He can’t confide them to us. Sometimes too much money would distract us from Jesus; the money would became our God. Then it is much better if HE does not entrust us with too much money. How many people would become pride! Some of the christians are searching more for gifts and treasures than for Jesus. He is only a means to an end, we use the name of Jesus to get money, power and prestige. Some of the christians seem to be immune against money. God bless them especially so they can earn a lot of money. They don’t need it for themselves so they give it to God.
And the Lord bless them with more riches. Most of the people don’t need a million dollars. The heavenly father provides them but they still need him a lot. That’s the way they learn to trust. If misery comes we don’t need to be afraid. Our father has so much more than we need.
A friend had 200 euros on his bank account. He needed it to pay his rent for his apartment. Now an invoice for 30 euros came up, which he had to settle immediately. Of course he had a problem. He went to the cash machine looked once again at his account balance: 230 euros. But these 30 euros you can’t find in books. Until today no one knows where the 30 euros came from. These bookings disappeared but the bills are paid. My friend was very thankful for this wellspring.

Thank you Jesus! You do everything right. Whether I have much or less it’s enough and I’m pleased. I am thankful because you take care of me. I don’t need big riches – but I never want to become a mendicant. I’m glad that I can trust you.