Gods children – 2018.09.19

Jesus says:
Let the children come to me; do not stop them!
Matthew 19, 14

God loves children! He loves them so much that he left heaven and came to earth to save them. He gave his life for them in order to bail them out of the influence of the enemy. He knows sin, sickness and death are the consequences of the enemy.
The enemy is really a liar and a cheat and a murderer. One can seen that Clearstream in the news. But we also see it in the daily coexistence of humans. How much is lied, cheated, and sometimes killed, with words or deeds.
Jesus wants to put his hand protectively over the children. There are some who have died in infancy. And some do not even reach the birth. Thus, the influence of the enemy: death and destruction!
But Jesus is Lord, and yet He always has good plans that he performs. Even now He has the last word! He brings these children to be. What a comfort, knowing that his child is now with the Lord and not somehow dead and lost!
I have read several times stories by people who have been in a vision in heaven. They have also seen these children. They are waiting for their mom. They have all the pain that has been done to them forgiven; – They have forgotten it. Now they can love their parents dearly. They are waiting for you and it will be an overwhelming welcome, without guilt, without accusations !!
God cannot allow His children to be tortured and killed, whether by illness or otherwise He destroyed whole nations, because they have offered up their children to the gods as a sacrifice. They, the completely defenseless, are extremely valuable to Him!
Jesus compares us with the children. He wants us to be like them: full of confidence, actually even childishly naive to Him. Let us entrust everything to him completely. Because to people who are like the little children belongs the kingdom of heaven. He will not disappoint.

Thank you, Father, You are the real father, who loves, forgives, is patient and has enduring power. You’re saving the children! You take them in your kingdom. Help us that our children grow up in the strength of faith. Let us set an example for this childlike, trusting faith! Give us Your Spirit, who prays: ‘Abba, Father!”

Note: There are women who have aborted and now are full of guilt. But Jesus has forgiven them. He says: Even if your debt is like scarlet, but it shall be as white as snow. Please, seek the Lord and ask forgiveness. And ask Him for help so you can believe in this forgiveness and your heart can be happy again. Ask Him for His Spirit who makes all things in you true what has promised ER: forgiveness, joy, peace …


Butterflies and bees – 2018.09.18

We will grow to be like Christ in every way. He is the Head, and the whole body depends on him. All the parts of the body are joined together, with each part doing its own work.
Ephesians 4, 14f

There are the colourful butterflies that fly in the sun, rest on the flowers and fill up with fresh nectar. We like them because they are so colourful and beautiful, and we admire them.
And there are the bees, the working animals. But they like to be together and create something big. They fly from flower to flower, are proud of their collected nectar and bring it to the queen. Bees make a difference! We like them and their honey.
Some Christians are like butterflies. They flutter around colorfully and can be found everywhere where there is “fresh nectar”. Nowhere do they settle down for long, because they like to flutter in the sun and be free and carefree. They don’t like to get involved in a community, but want to live their own lives. Sure, they love the Lord, but according to their own ideas.
Many Christians are like bees. They live for the beehive so that it thrives and grows well. One bee takes care of the other. Together it goes better, together we are strong! They glorify their Lord by not taking themselves so seriously, and HE cares for them because He relies on them.
The church, the body of Christ, is growing. HE, the Head, cares for His Body. Everything is strongly held together and well cared for by nerves, blood, muscles and ligaments. All are well because HE thinks of everyone. In the church there is room for everyone and “fresh nectar” for everyone. How good it is to live under the protection of the church!
We want to be there for Jesus and not be butterflies that pick out the best and fly away.
But we also don’t want to be “worker bees” who only work and deliver their nectar without being supplied; – some churches let their “bees” starve to death. So it is appropriate to look around for another church where Jesus’ ideas will be fulfilled. There will be no perfect church anywhere and never, but we do not want to starve! He should take care of us in a church where He is the head.

Thank you, Jesus! You take care of me. You give me brothers and sisters who love you and therefore carry me. Yes, you arrange everything wonderfully, nobody needs to go hungry! You satisfy the longing for community, for shared joy and praise, for intimate friendship and spiritual nourishment. You are good!!

PS: My Gabriel is home again. The wound on his leg has not healed completely yet, and the trauma in his head still leaves traces. But he and we are well! Now he has to go to rehab for 3 weeks. – We thank all prayers very much, because without your prayers he would not have made it!!!! Be blessed!

Various gifts – 2018.09.17

And that same Christ gave these gifts to people: He made some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to go and tell the good news, and some to care for and teach God’s people.
Ephesians 4,11

The Bible says that everyone who believes in Christ has at least one gift of grace. Everyone has every gift to a normal degree, but everyone has certain gifts to a very strong degree. Some are therefore called evangelists, some teachers, others prophets ….
Everyone should be a witness to Christ. But some are especially blessed by God in witnessing; – listeners understand and often turn to Christ. As with Billy Graham. When he preached the gospel, people understood and could choose Jesus. Others have imitated everything exactly, but without any effect. So it is when God confirms someone in a particular ministry.
What is normal for an evangelist like Billy Graham is a miracle for others – they don’t have that particular confirmation or gift. They have other gifts! The evangelists think that evangelism is the most important thing and they are right. But when someone has another gift, like a call to prayer, they make the poor man feel guilty. They want everyone to bear witness all the time and talk about Jesus all the time. But only the evangelists do that!
One has examined this once and found out that about 10 percent of Christians have an evangelistic talent. Not everyone has the urge to give constant testimony. Not everyone is constantly looking for ways to proclaim Jesus. But they all love the Lord.
I know shepherds who are very worried about the individual sheep and follow them; teachers who lay the foundations for faith; helpers who help everywhere; people who live hospitality. They are all important in the church of Jesus! Nobody should think that only my gift counts! No one may force the other to practice a gift that he does not have! No one may make the other feel guilty because he does not evangelize or prays or or or …
The Spirit of God orders all this as He wills and as it is best.
We don’t want to feel guilty because we don’t have a special gift, and we don’t want everyone to practice the same gift as we do. We know that one depends on the other and that is why we respect the other higher than ourselves.

Thank you, Jesus! You have given me gifts that no one else has. You confirm these gifts. And I am allowed to work for you in my place in your kingdom. I do not have to be like the others! Thank you, you stand by me, you take me seriously and you alone understand everything. I am safe with you.

“The Wheel of Life”bies – 2018.09.16

Seek first HIs kingdom and His righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33

A few days ago we had a discussion whether the family or the service of the Kingdom of God is more important. There were different opinions all of which were justified by Bible verses.
Later at home I thought about it. Yes, there excists a table of values: First God, then family, then profession, church, and hobbies… .But somehow misunderstandings, endless discussions arise through that.  Sure, God has to come first. Jesus says: Love God with all your heart, your strength and thoughts as fervently as your neighbor.
So if you forget your neighbor, you neglect Jesus. When a father put the service in the church over his family, is always on the road “in the name of the Lord” it could be that his children do not want to have anything to do with faith anymore. Or when a woman spends her time always in the church and leaves her husband alone at home then it could be that another lady has more time for him and quickly the divorce is there. One could pretend to read a verse in the Bible only to avoid washing the dishes. On the other side one can love the Lord in own strength so intensively until a heart attack occurs. Without Jesus in your heart it could be that the family is occupying you too much, finally having no thanks for it.
Somehow, there is something wrong with this value table.
There is a better way to look at this question: Imagine a wheel of life whose axis is Jesus and whose spokes are the various areas in our life as church and prayers, family, marriage, children, work, hobbies…. . Jesus, the centre, the axe of the wheel has to dominate always in all parts of our life that are all equally important. If we listen to His voice we will do all things properly with love and without pressure. We will follow Him and the success will be there! If we only would listen to Him more!

Thank You, Jesus!  You want me to live creatively in love. For You everything is important in its right place and at the right time. There is no stress, no struggle! Give me wisdom and power to do everything according to You will. You want to give us a perfect, happy, meaningful life! We will trust You and all things will be given to us as well.

About the law and the blessing – 2018.09.15

So if you faithfully obey the commands I am giving you today—to love the Lord your God and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul then I will send rain on your land in its season, both autumn and spring rains, so that you may gather in your grain, new wine and olive oil.
Deuteronomy 11:13-14

This is the answer to the question, why so many Christians are blessed so little: they do not keep Gods commandments. Strangely, Gods commandments get reduced to keeping to rules. But the context of the law is often ignored: If you faithfully obey the commands … to love the Lord your God! This is written in this verse. The purpose of the law and Gods purpose with us is to love God. If we love God we will act, think and talk the way He wants us to do. In that case we do not need a law like: thou shall not kill! – or others like that. In that case one keeps the law by default because otherwise God would sadden.
He will pour out His blessings over us, if we love God with passion. When the Israelites love its Lord, early and late rain will set in again and the land will become fertile. When the church love its Lord, He will visit and His presence will have a great effect. When we, as independent persons, love Him and listen to Him, His blessing will be visible in our life. Like a warm spring rain it will pour down on us.
We want to serve the lord, whom we love, with all our heart and soul, all our strength and mind. Everything shall be to honor Him. When we do the dishes, drive our car, sing, work, fish with the children, or when we play football: it shall be to His honor. He is always with us, in all parts of our life, He is in charge. We do not want to spiritually lift up and flee into a dream world, but we want to keep rooted into reality firmly with both feet. The reality is: God is with us! So we have some power that others are missing. So we have hope where others lose heart. So we have courage where others despair. Truly He is with us, He, who loves His people. And we love Him with all our heart.

Thank You Father, You want to pour out over us so much blessing. So much we can barely cope with – and even more! Sorry, sometimes we are so far away from You, as if You would not exist. Excuse us, if we act like You would not see. Spark our love to You new, You marvelous God and Father!

Valuable and Loved – 2018.09.14

Because you are precious in my eyes and because I love you.
Isaiah 43, 4

If Mr. Ching Chang Chong from China tells me that he loves me, then it has little meaning for me. Because I do not know him. It has no influence on my life. But if my parents, wife or children say it, it does something to me, I feel good and I’m happy! Their opinion is very important to me!
When God says in general that he loves the people, then it doesn’t mean much for me personally. But when he looks at me and says: Frank, I love you, you are dear and important to me – it triggers a thousand positive responses in me. He, my creator, king and lord, He loves me! That’s because his opinion means a lot, it is very important to me. Because I got to know God personally, it’s important to me.
There is probably no one who has received too much love. Therefore, this source of love and of encouragement for us is so important. And because he can make it become true inside of us: I am loved, expensive and valuable.
If someone feels worthless and unloved, he will hardly ever change. It is like an incurable virus in him. Again and again it comes through, I’m worthless. Only our God can heal this heart. Only He can cause someone to feel valuable, important andloved and to know it with certainty.
Only He can change our hearts. And he changes it by love, never by beatings punishment. Because we are so precious to him that he will not torment us. He does not punish us. He does not judge us over every little thing. He loves, forgives and encourages. He comforts, is with us in solitude, gives new strength and hope. He’s a real father who lovingly cares for his children. He is wonderful!
I will seek His love and accept it. I do not want to play with His love, patience and mercy, but treat them like a delicate flower. I don’t want it to be broken again!

Thank you, Father, You really love me! Every day I can remember it and feel it: You are there, around me and even in me. It is wonderful with you! You’re making me again courageous! You are a wonderful father and God!

God speaks through Scripture – 2018.09.13

For all that was once written is written for our instruction, so that by patience and by the comfort of the Scriptures we may have hope.
Romans 15:4

God speaks through the Bible, His Holy Word. That is why it is called the Holy Scripture. First only the Old Testament was meant, but now we also relate it to the New Testament. It is also God’s Word, so God has confirmed it.
I have different ways of reading the Bible. Sometimes I read several chapters in one piece.  So I get a good overview and the connections. Sometimes my gaze gets stuck on a verse that I think about for a long time. It’s the diamonds you find in the “digging”. Sometimes I leaf through the Bible and read what “looks at” me; – I can hardly describe how this happens. But then the text is mostly important for me and answers my questions. Sometimes I read according to a plan, sometimes crosswise. Sometimes I take a break for days without missing anything. But I always think about Him and His Word; it is in my head and heart. It’s good to talk to others about a verse, then you get new points of view.
God often reminds me of certain verses that I have read at some point. When the time is ripe, HE uses them. If I had never read them, HE could not remind me of them.
When I read the Bible, God almost always begins to speak. Some things He makes clear to me anew. Some things comfort me personally. I may take some promises very personally. He encourages and comforts through His word. He gives guidance, answers to urgent questions, explains His actions and His thoughts.
His Word is like a wide framework within which preaching, evangelism and mission, prophecies and our actions should move. In this way we are protected from abuse and do not become sectarians ourselves. God can warn us! He can also unmask the false teachings of some churches through His Word.
To me the Bible is the dearest of all books, because it gives me answers that I cannot find anywhere else. God speaks to me through His Word, the Bible. I get to know Him personally, my Father and Creator, my Redeemer Jesus Christ and my helper and friend, the Holy Spirit.

Thank You, Father, for Your word! It is very important and valuable to me. How often have You already comforted and encouraged through Your Word! Thank You for speaking with me!