He looks for me – 2018.04.24

For this is what the Sovereign Lord says:
I myself will search for my sheep and look after them…..
I will search for the lost ……..
Ezekiel 34: 11, 16

God looks for us! He does not have the necessity to run behind us. We should run behind Him! And yet, He knows us, and knows how we have lost our way. He knows that if He does not search and find us, we will remain lost.
Every morning He waits for us, that we say Good Morning and connect with Him. He stands by our side the whole day and waits for our thanks and our questions. He watches us, regardless of where we hide; in a high-rise building, where hundreds of people live and where everyone is anonymous, He searches for us and finds us. There is no solitude, He is there.
He looks for us, in order that we have life. He wants to overwhelm us with blessings. It is love that provokes Him. Where are the children?
There is so much where God can give us good help. And yet we try to do it alone. How much work and hardship would we save, if we would do everything immediately together with God. If we have such difficult questions, we can turn to God. It may be that we have to wait a few days for the answer, but these Times of speaking with God forms us and makes us stronger. For thus says the LORD to the house of Israel, “Seek Me that you may live” (Amos 5;4).

Yes Lord, I want to look for you, your answer and your help. I want to look for you myself and see how you are. You are the life, without you I am lost in the chaos of the world. I have hopelessness when I lose you. I want to hold fast onto you and talk to you about everything. How great it is that you give me answers. How great that you look for me and look in every hole until you find me!


To the Promised Land – 2018.04.23

You must not back away from them and you must not be afraid of them. The LORD your God who leads you will fight for you.
Deuteronomy 1:29f.

Israel had sent men into the Promised Land to explore it. When they returned, they described the country in the most beautiful colours. But they warned: There are giants there, they’ll tear us to pieces! And so they discouraged everyone. No one wanted to go back to the Promised Land. But Moses said the words above and reminded them how God saved them from Pharaoh as they left Egypt, how He constantly kept saving them in the desert; – now should this problem be too great for Him? You must not fear and not retreat!
What about us? How often are we afraid of “little things”. But God has already solved bigger problems for us! If we look at the mountains of worries, at those who make life difficult for us, at our own mistakes and failures…. we no longer see God. Forget everything HE has done great things for us. Then the hardships will crush us. And there’s no faith left.
That is why it is sooo important that we stick to what the Bible recommends: thank. Remember. Praise God. Know his word. God and Jesus.
Joshua and Caleb were in the promised land as scouts. They saw the giants, too, but they knew We can do this! because God is on our side.
But the people did not hear. So it had to walk back into the desert and for 38 years around a mountain, always in a circle, and once more and again and again. Does it remind you of your life? Always in circles? Same thing over and over and over again?
God waited 38 years for Israel to take the land. The faithless were deceased, a new generation grew up who knew nothing of Egypt. And with this new generation, God conquered the land. Those were men with backbones! They were tried and tested men, strong, just, straightforward, believing the LORD! Non-bent wimps, timid paragraph fritzes… No, they could risk something because God was on their side. They were not afraid and did not retreat fearfully. God preceded them and fought for them.

Thank you for the new generation, Jesus! She’s making brave headway, straight for the target. They sacrifice their lives for their beloved LORD. And you stand by them, clear the way, fight for them. I’m already old, but I want to belong to this generation and not rot on the sofa! Hallelujah, you make your word come true!!

Inner Healing – 2018.04.22

He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.
Psalms 147:3

What a comfort to rest safely in loving hands. You are often deeply hurt in life and rarely is there one who can comfort you.
However, our God is like a father and mother. He understands like a father, He comforts like a mother. Sometimes it is as if He gently put His hand on our head and say to us: Have courage, little child, I am with you!
Sometimes we are suffering from really serious emotional wounds that we then want to protect against further attacks. We harden our heart. But God takes away this hardness with His love gives us peace, forgiveness deep in our heart. He sees und knows everything we do not understand yet. Therefore he treats us with prudence, procedes slowly step by step with His healing until we are completely restored. As long as we live we need His helping hands. We always will discover new weaknesses in ourselves that we bring before God and are amazed again and again how patient and merciful He is.
He knows what kind of human beings we are. He has created us and it was very good in His eyes.
Yes, in Jesus we are restored. In Him we have all comfort, that nobody else can give us. He has overcome all misery on earth inclusive the death itself. Therefore He is able to console and heal us completely. He knows all points of injuries and put his comforting hands on them.
If we only would trust Him more and would not run away when He wishes to approach us personally. Let us calm down and listen. Let Him speak to you. It is not sufficient only to cry in despair before Him. We must give Him room, an opportunity to help, to encourage, to heal. Be still and receive!
Are you able to do that? Do we have the power to totally lean on Him and put aside videos and facebook? We alone with God? Or is the world captivating us again with its distractions?

Oh Lord, heal me! I know it could be painful. My memories of injuries are so strong but I trust You will treat them with care. Yes, I really may trust You. You will heal all the wounds of my heart. You are  Jehova Rapha a wonderful doctor.

Faith against fear – April 21st, 2018

He said to His disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”.
Mark 4, 40

The situation was critical. Indeed, it was life-threatening: The waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. The disciples were experienced sailors. They knew the danger and were in fear of losing their lives. But Jesus kept sleeping. HE had had a tough day and rested. The disciples woke Him and shouted: “Don’t you care if we drown??”. Jesus got up, rebuked the wind and the waves, and it was calm instantly. He asked them: “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith??”. They were terrified because even the wind and the waves obeyed Him.
We are dealing with fear in concrete situations. There is also a fear which is ever-present and not rational, but determining life. But this is not what Jesus is talking about here. He refers to a concrete threat to our live. He had accompanied the disciples for a long time and had done so many miracles! But they are terrified. Where is the cure for fear??
The cure for worries and fear is faith. But we cannot create faith ourselves. It is put into our heart by the Holy Ghost, if our heart is accessible. Our trust, confidence, and faith grow if we look at Jesus. We feel HIS love and affection, if we regard HIM. Such as flowers reach out for the sun and grow in the sun, so it is with our faith.
A baby has neither problems, nor fear, nor worries, if they lie in their mother’s arms. They know she has got the milk when they are hungry. She diapers them whenever necessary. She has warmth and protection. Like a little child we shall be in Jesus` hand.
There is no room for fear and worries in our relationship with Him. This love conquers and expels all evil. We can put our trust in HIM in every situation. Where there is light, there can be no darkness!
When we know Him, we can trust Him. Thus, we shall get to know Him better through reading the bible, through observing nature, by praying, through silence, and we will see HIM everywhere in our daily lives. HE is so good to us!

Thank you Jesus. I can trust You! You gave your live for me; – why should you ever withheld anything of importance? Thank You, You care for me, and my heart comes to rest in Your presence. 

The dear relatives – 2018.04.20

Jesus said:
A prophet is not without honour except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.
Mark 6:4

As Christians, we know our families are like stone. There is no interest in the Gospel. It is particularly difficult for married Christians if their partner does not want anything to do with faith.
We can talk and pray, invite and advertise, be nice or not, – it does not help. You might as well talk to a stone wall. There may even be some sharp reactions.
Yet Jesus encourages us to pray for our loved ones. There lies great promise. We should not get on the nerves of our loved ones through our missionary work, but show our faith through quiet deeds and the way we lead our lives. People will become jealous!
Jesus himself can start acting upon our trusting prayers. For the honour shall belong to Him alone, or do you want the honour of bringing your relatives to faith? He’s good at it on his own, and probably better than you.
But HE wants our prayer for our loved ones, a prayer full of trust. If we entrust our burden to Him, HE can become active. But HE does not commit himself by saying: “After 25 prayers I will do something. No, HE will act in HIS time!
When I became a Christian, I met with incomprehension in the family, because we were all baptized and believed in something higher; at least we were all Christians. And now I said: You are not yet Christians! Well, such impudence! But after a few years my brother joined me at a Christian fellowship in Bremen. There he became a Christian. My sister remained disinterested. But after a few years she also became a Christian. My mother went to a Billy Graham crusade decades later. She promised herself a nice evening, but then God’s call came to her and she was converted. Eventually it was my father’s turn when a friendly visitor came and he opened his heart to the visitor. The man was able to pray for the hidden bonds and break them. Father was free to accept Jesus.
It is worth praying! We make a lot of mistakes, and everyone sees it. But they also see what Jesus is doing in us. They watch closely and when we pray, Jesus will show himself to them.

Thank You Jesus, You hear my prayer! Yes Lord, I entrust my loved ones to You. I cannot make them believe, only you can. Please, fulfill Your word soon, I want to experience it in my lifetime!

On our own behalf: Anette has to leave the team. Unfortunately! She translated into English on Fridays. Now we are looking for someone to take her place and translate the German devotion into English on Friday. Interested? Please write to frank.lauermann@gmail.com. That’ll give you the details.

Servant of Christ – 2018.04.19

We should be contemplated as servants of Christ and as stewards of the mysteries of God.
1 Corinthians 4, 1

Oh, I’d like to be! Such a saint who knows all the secrets of God! One that everyone looks up to. When I pray, mountains move. Sick people get well immediately. People fall under the power of my prayer. Everyone wants an appointment with me, I should speak at congresses everywhere… Oh, what a wonderful thing that would be!
But God’s ways are different. He doesn’t want glory for me, and I don’t really want it myself. I want to have fellowship with Him, my beloved Lord and not be in the spotlight! I am in good company with Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Paul, Peter and John. John the Baptist also said: I must lose weight, but HE should gain weight!
Unfortunately, the big moments are only short moments. My normal life does not take place on the mountain of the Transfiguration, but in the valley of duties, small things and daily small things. That is why the verse says that we should be regarded as servants and not as all-knowing, all-capable doers. The verse goes on: administrators are expected to be faithful. And this is especially true in daily life: Faithfulness to Jesus.
Even when washing dishes, mowing lawns, driving a car, raking leaves, filling out forms you should see: We are faithful to Him; – and: It is reflected in the way we carry out our daily duties. Discontented, swearing, scolding or cheerful, safe in God, thankful for the day…
It’s these little things that make the difference. Am I faithful to Jesus? Or am I discontented about all the little things and all the little tribulations in life? Am I His servant and can I bend down? The most difficult school of Jesus’ disciples is in the gray everyday life.
But I can be sure: Jesus stands by me. He is very close to me and also helps with small things. He gives courage, ideas, help, comfort, strength in everyday life. Yes, HE is the LORD of everyday life! And with Him I overcome far…. also the everyday life, the little things that always go wrong, we overcome everything together with Him! Our heart can remain cheerful, grateful and relaxed!

Oh Jesus, I’m so glad you’re here! How good that you always stand by my side! Every little thing is a happy thing with you! Lord, I want to be a faithful servant, that’s really enough for me.

A fervent Love – 2018.04.18

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, 
for your love is more delightful than wine.
Song of Songs 1:2

With above words the Song of songs in the Bible begins. It is a book about love, about longing for each other, for fellowship and harmony. So our love is with Jesus, and so fervent and deep is His love for us.
Once a man, let us call him Henry, fell in love with a beautiful woman and began to study all books about woman. He got so busy that he forgot to phone, or to meet her. He was so fascinated by the content of the books. She, however, felt left alone and the love cooled down, was not hot anymore.
Just as Henry many Christians want to love Jesus: They study all about Him, want to know and understand everything and soon they seem to surpass the best theologians in terms of logic and knowledge. However, the first love got lost. The heart was filled with pride and ambition instead. Only phrases and clever thoughts!
With this attitude a love cannot last long. Love does not want to be blocked by our own efforts. It wants to spread in us deeply, wants to keep us hot that we stay passionate, give love room and feed the fire of love daily. We always should be filled with love. Our thoughts, our doings, our emotions are shaped by it.  Yes, Jesus loves us fervently, loves us as His bride, wants to give us everything. In the strength of the Holy Spirit we want to be the same for Him. We want to overcome, want to feed our love and compassion for Him just as the fire in the oven needs the firewood. Otherwise the oven will get cold…
Teachings, books, videos are good, no doubt. But where is the fire? Only the relationship with Jesus gives it to us.
Let us be one with Him as He is one with the Father. The sign of His sonship was love. In love we are connected with Jesus. Community with Him is only possible in pure love. This love shapes us gets stronger and stronger in us and focuses all our attention to Jesus who gave His life for us.,
The more intensively we seek Him in the Bible, through prayers and praising, through our daily work, in our free time the more we will encounter Him. He wants that we get to know His love and He is glad when we discover again one of His many good qualities. He is really creative in His love. more than a normal  theologian can imagine. He is the greatest Lover, Bridegroom, Friend and Saviour.

Thank You, Jesus, that You love me so much. I did not earn it. But you look at me in a differrent way as I see myself: Full of compassion and joy! How soothing to rest safely in Your arms.