“The old flesh” – 2018.03.11

We were therefore buried with Him through baptism into death in order that,
just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father,
we too may live a new life.
Romans 6:4

The Bible speaks of a spiritual and of a carnal man. The one is lead by the Spirit the other by the flesh, by his cupidities for instance. The Bible, the good news, knows us very well. Therefore its words are so strict and clear preventing any luke-warm and halfhearted Christianity.
I do not know anybody who is totally one with Jesus and living sinless. Me too,I am not a holy man either. But day and night Jesus should be No. 1 in our life. Only with Him we can resist all kind of avidities and fruitless desires which want to.  seduce us to sin: I need this and that by all means. I cannot live without them – in reality they will kill me. Or, I allow an exception to treat me nice one time. All these sayings demonstrate that the wishes dominate us and cause us to excuse them.
Jesus died on the Cross for our sins. So, like Him, our old self should die as well. At baptism it is sunk and drowned. But I have heard from somebody that the old self, this beast, can swim!
So we continually have to take care and fight against this old, fat, and thick ego day by day. It seems to be a constant battle. But we will win it by becoming more like Jesus step by step. More and more like Him! He forms us when we are open for Him, listen to Him. He knows how weak we are and that we are easily backsliding. But He stands by us and forgives. So we can get up again and continue our walk with Him.
Be ready to see your weaknesses to fight them. Be one with Jesus! Look for the heavenly things  and are not bound so much to earthly objects. Seing our failures within our battles makes us humble which pleases God. He does not like people who pretend to know and to can do everything, the so called superherous. He likes the lost, weak and precious persons for whom Jesus died. He helps them in their daily life, loves them warmly and intimately.

Oh Jesus, Your words are for me liberation and incentive. But I must admit, my wishes and desires are often very strong and not always I say no. But You still stand by me, do not forget me, love and forgive me instead and help me to carry on, to go the next step. How merciful and patient You are with me. I will not stop praising You. All my love is for You! You are a wonderful Lord!

One thought on ““The old flesh” – 2018.03.11

  1. Jon 11. March 2018 / 5:43

    Truth. Line by line. Thank you.


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