Attention – Danger! – 2018.01.07

Blessed is the one
who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take,
or sit in the company of mockers.
Psalm 1, 1

What a wonderful clear statement that stands over all following psalms! Do not forget it if you want to be well. It always starts small. You first listen to that what people say and think, are attracted by their talks and opinions though you know that these are not pleasing God. Then you begin to ponder about that and quickly the filth has settled in your brain. It does not take long and you repeatedly speak about it accepting it in partt until it is not any longer hard for you to give up the divine vision. Cuckoo`s  nest are built in your head! Suddenly you belong to those who sit in the company of mockers:
Today everything has changed! Everything is much more modern, more liberal, much freer, more open….
Modern philosophies pretend to be conform with God`s views of harmony. The modern opinions of sexuality serve here as a good example. No, we do not want to participate here as these views are in total contrast to God`s thinking how we should live. May the psychologists find it good, sin remains sin! God predicted: In the last days people are looking for doctrines for which their ears itch. And then they always try to justify their lifestyle.
Please do not forget, it starts small! Keep your mind clean! Be aware what you look at , what you read. Behind everything is a world view that wants to influence you. Watch your ears for what they hear. Pay attention to your contacts.
Jesus did not want to take us out of this world. As we know He liked to be at wedding parties. The pharisees called Him a glutton and wine-drunkard. They accused Him for having community with customs officers and whores as they did not see the love of Jesus for them. We too should witness God`s love to anyone, to our collegues, to neigbours, to friends and to our relatives.
We will not run in the mainstreams, will not howl with the wolves. Jesus is the only one who gives us everthing, friendship, closeness, understanding. Let us belong to Him wholeheartedly who gloriously fill us, who cares for us. He will not disappoint us!

Thank You, Lord! With You is joy, peace and no loneliness. I can enjoy life even if I have temporarily no friends. With You I can become stable, find my place. You want me to be like a rock in the surf.


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