Blockages – 2018.11.27

But my righteous one will live by faith.
And I take no pleasure in the one who shrinks back.
Hebrews 10:38

So God speaks to those who have come to believe Him, who have accepted Jesus as their redeemer, who are filled with the Holy Spirit. But sometimes there are blockages in us.
Believe blockages can arise when severe illness attacks us. But when I lack faith that Jesus can heal me, then there will be a brother who has the power to pray with me for healing.
But sometimes there are hidden reasons for sickness, open doors for the tortures of the enemy. There are other brothers who are especially capable of uncovering these backgrounds, so that Jesus now can work.
It may be that a third brother has to come in to see if everything is psychologically healthy. Severe traumata may have occured in childhood which burden him and make him unhappy. This brother can pray for these emotional wounds so that the soal is purified.
God does miracles.
Sometimes the blockage is simply the ill-making sin that we do not want to let go. In this situation it takes a loving brother who reveals this and pray for forgiveness and release that healing can take place.
We often also need brothers who help and encourage us to forgive when others have done us severely wrong so that we finally get well at soul and body.
There are may gifts. Nobody has them all, and nobody has none. We are dependent on each other. Therefore a prayer in communion with many is far better!  We do not want to shrink back and live in faith on low flame. We are ready to receive all what God wants to give us. Away with all the blockages that prevent us from receiving God`s goodness. Enter into the fullness of life and take the joy of the Lord.

Thank You, Jesus, You have a solution for every problem. If we only would listen to You. Forgive, if we think to small of You, do not trust You, encourage us to become big and strong in faith.