In vain? – 2018.11.26

Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.
Luke 5, 4

Many people stood on the shore of the lake and wanted to hear Jesus. Then He asked Peter for a place in the boat, and that he should row a little distance from the shore. After the sermon Jesus said the verse above to Peter. But he was astonished, he knew his lake; – there were no fish at noon. But when He said it, Peter wanted to try it. And indeed, the net was overflowing, so they needed help. Peter was overwhelmed: He, the fisherman, had found his Master, and he knelt down before Jesus. He realized he was only a sinner, but Jesus is more, much, much more! Even the lake and the fish obey him! Jesus said to Simon Peter: “Do not be afraid! (Peter was afraid of the supernatural, of a God in human form; it was scary to him, that’s why he was afraid). From now on you will catch people.” Peter and his people left everything behind and followed Him.
Many, many Christians struggle with all their might for the Gospel, but it is very laborious, without much success, and they have become tired. The Lord is waiting for this chance. It is as it was with Peter. They were sitting after a long night’s work mending the nets. They had caught nothing. And there Jesus comes and gives the word: “Go out onto the lake! Jesus went with them. That is probably the decisive thing: He is present, He is the captain. He determines when and where the nets are thrown. That is why listening was so important before the catch: he learned to trust in Jesus. Without prayer, nothing happens except endless activities that don’t bring much, but cost a lot of strength. So, once again: first our own futile attempt, then listening to Jesus and trusting Him, then His command: go now, go there! And obeying by doing what HE silently tells us to do. And then: HE fills the net. It is certainly not our ability, experience, merit or talent. That is why the frustration was so important before, so that HE gets the honour and not ourselves.
If you also belong to the tired, disappointed workers of God, then please take courage again: it is His plan. Now HE can finally work. Remain in silence until HE begins to speak. He will clarify many things in your life beforehand and then at some point His Word will come: “Go out and throw out the nets! ….. and the net will become full.

Thank You Jesus, for Your word for me! I had already given it up, but You raised me up again, gave me courage and sent me out. Actually I didn’t want any more …. but at Your word I dared. And it has become a blessing for many. Thank You that You can still use me for something! You are so wonderful, Jesus!