Our daily bread – 2018.11.23

Give us this today our daily bread.
Matthew 6, 11

Self-pity and envy are our worst enemies.
Lord, now I’ve been eating porridge for 6 weeks and the neighbour who never prays is eating fried chicken today. Oh Lord, how I would love to have what he is having! Couldn’t you send me a fried chicken just once? ….. Self-pity paired with envy.
Lord, my neighbour already has his fourth Audi A8 and I, your servant, still ride a bicycle! Is that fair? Lord, do something! ….. Envy paired with self-pity.
Where is our faith that the Father in Heaven cares for His children? Everybody, especially some Christians, can only moan. But only a few can eat porridge and ride a bicycle cheerfully and gratefully.
What has God promised us concretely? Eating and being satiated. Drinking. Clothing. A roof over our heads. Work to nourish oneself (and not lying on others’ pockets, not even the social welfare office).
What causes us to not like how God cares for us? Self-pity, envy and lack of humility. Once we have gone through this school, God can take us one step further and provide us abundantly with everything.
I think of the children of Israel in the desert. How they complained! Manna every day, always only dry manna and once again manna….. No, how we long for the meat pots of Egypt! – In reality it was thin soup, and flat bread so thin that one could see right through it. – Please, never glorify the past!
Gratitude. It distinguishes disciples of Jesus. Jesus himself did not live in such luxury. He often did not know in the morning where to lay His head in the evening. And yet His life was marked by gratitude. In all situations He knew Himself in God’s hand, even when the storm tried to sink the boat, He slept peacefully in God’s hand. Faith makes you strong! Gratitude makes you happy! Or have you ever starved to death? Gone thirsty? Walked around naked? Slept on the street?
Rather compare yourself with the Christians in North Korea or those in Sudan etc. How well off are you compared to them! Be grateful for your daily care.
Or do you think you really deserve it? Wait until you have cancer, your wife runs away or an accident leaves you disabled. Where is your pride then? What have you honestly earned then? – God, our Father, is our provider. How good it is that HE loves us so much!

Thank You Father, for taking care of me. I don’t have a palace and I don’t have gourmet food all the time. But I am so glad that You take care of me! Thank You for food, clothing, a home and work! How good it is to live with You!