Bride and groom – 2018.11.22

This is a profound mystery; I refer to Christ and the Church.
Ephesians 5, 32

What is meant is the secret of marriage. Many are married, but not exactly happy. Without a partner, as they know, they wouldn’t be, but with their partner they wouldn’t be either. Only a few have a really happy marriage.
Jesus wants something like a happy marriage with His church. He is the lover, the fiancé, the bridegroom, who longs for His church, loves it with every fiber of His heart and wants to have it as close as possible to Him. There is the church, the virgin, the bride, the girlfriend and lover. She longs for the Lord, her Bridegroom, because only with Him is she happy, victorious, safe and joyful.
Jesus has His flock, which He calls together from all denominations, churches. They are His beloved people. He knows each one by name, and He even has a nickname for each one. He wants to deal with each one as a bridegroom does with his bride: to please them, to love them, to carry them. He gives His life for the bride, He loves her so much.
That is why loneliness and the feeling of abandonment is no longer a big problem for those who love Jesus. He is there for them! He is the friend, the beloved, the longed for, the helper, consoler and companion! Please, take Jesus at his word: I am with you every day to the end of the world.
For those who have not made it far in life, Jesus’ word is redemption: they are worth much, much to Him. He is like a bridegroom to them, like a friend. We may entrust all sorrow to Him, and He comforts and helps. If we are full of joy, He rejoices with us. If we are sleepless, He is there, holding our hand and gently stroking our hair. If we are sad, HE builds us up again. If we are in need, HE helps us. He is simply wonderful!

Thank You, Jesus! You seek our nearness and rejoice in us. Yes, we also want to love You, seek You and have time for You. It is You who makes my heart happy! You put an end to my loneliness.  You are there, my beloved, my friend, my helper!

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