Sacraments, Signs and Holy Symbols – 2018.11.21

“This cup is the new covenant in my blood.
Do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me!”
Jesus says.
1 Corinthians 11:25

The Lord`s supper is a sacrament full of power and life. We are one with Him when we accept it.
The baptism is a sacrament irrevocably valid for the visible and unvisible world.
The cross is a holy symbol.
The marriage is a sacrament like the mystery of the church being the bride of the groom Jesus.
The rainbow is God`s symbol for His grace after the flood.
The Passover lamb as a visible sign points to the death of Jesus on the cross.
The wipes of Saint Peter, that have healed people, are holy symbols.
Our hands, which we lay on the sick, are instruments of God through which the power of healing flows.
Some churches have lost touch with the holy symbols, only fulfill them ritually. In addition they have added they own symbols. That caused other churches to drop them altogether. They do not lay their hands on the sick anymore thinking God can heal without these blessings. They have been alienated from the biblical symbols. They doubt their effect only trusting their own judgement and heart-feeling.
But God has given us these holy symbols. Jesus is really present at the Last Supper. In remembrance of Him He acts in us, changes us.
At baptism in the Holy Spirit He sees the newborn person exactly and rejoices. There is power in the cross when we take it upon ourselves and follow Jesus. Our hands become channels of healing when we lay them on the sick in faith. This may be beyond our understanding. But God wants to show Himself in wonder and signs. Therefore respect and honor them and remain open to their benificial effects. He wants to strengthen our faith by that. He wants to serve us, gives us His hand, makes himself available to us. Let us honor the Lord`s signs and meet Him in them. Just believe in the signs and miracles that bring you closer to Jesus and do not ponder so much about it. If the Christian rituals are not lived with burning hearts they degenerate into superstition. We, however, want to meet and see Jesus only!

Thank You, Jesus, for the signs of grace. They strongly support my faith in You. There is something I can see and which make me strong. How well You understand me! You know that sometimes we need Your signs which lift us up.