The glory – 2018.11.20

Christ in you, He is the hope of glory.
Colossians 1:27

It will be glorious in heaven: golden streets, pearly gates and jewels without end. But, honestly, somehow it wouldn’t be enough for me. It would soon get boring. And if I only ever sing hallelujah, it would also soon boring.
All that wealth, is very nice, but does not satisfy the soul.
All visions of paradise are kind of nice, but really do not satisfy the longing that is in me. Roast pigeons flying into my mouth, lazing under palms for days, carousing and girls … I’m afraid heaven is different than the paradises that have people thought up.
Christ has given us hope, hope of glory. He himself is this hope! Imagine again, He takes everything from you, which oppresses you somehow: illness, weakness, bad thoughts, money worries, boring work, a bad boss, an old car … and then he fills everything with his ideas and his blessing. No more sickness, but strength, good and kind thoughts, sufficient money and no longer the need to worry, exciting, fulfilling work, a friendly boss, and a car of the brand “never-broken” … And then joy without end, peace in the heart, courage and strength, gratitude to God, so that we constantly have to sing to him … Yes, we have about the glory in Christ.
Jesus wants to show His glory now and here to a point. But in heaven, with Him, that glory will be in abundance and without end. Our hope is that Jesus blesses us already here, and helps and is with us. He longs for His children and wants to be with them! So we want to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, and to turn to Him:

Jesus, come! Fill my heart with Your presence and glory!! Cleanse me from dead works that have no meaning. Cleanse me from all unrighteousness, and make room in my heart for you! Although I still live very limited here, but I want to see your wealth and glory here already!