Stay in the country! – 2018.11.19

Trust in the Lord and do good,
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Take delight in the Lord!
And He will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the Lord;
He will do this.
Psalm 37, 3-5

Here in Lithuania there are many people who go abroad to work. You earn a lot more there than you do here. The disadvantage for Lithuania, however, is that many, many Christians leave here and leave large gaps.
A head of the family is of course responsible for providing for the family – nobody should go hungry!
But if you can live reasonably comfortably in the country, should you go abroad only because of the money?
In all things we should ask the Lord. And we should not only ask whether He is against it, but we want to know His exact opinion. We belong to the Lord, He will have the answer to such an important question. We want to do what HE thinks is best and be obedient to Him.
I know the plight of some people. A mother from the Ukraine left her children with their grandparents and is now in Hamburg looking after the children of other parents, both of whom are working. She has daily contact with her children via Skype. But isn’t that somehow perverse? She leaves her children and instead takes care of children who only have working parents; – none of these children have parents who are truly present! – And all because of money! Are the children not important enough? Or is there an unknown need behind it?
The Lord makes great promises here in these verses: When I intensively ask for Him and live according to His will, He gives me what is necessary and much, much more. He even knows the  secret desires of my heart and often fulfills them. Yes, so great is our Lord. We, on the other hand, behave as if our Lord were very thrifty, or even stingy.
When I came to Lithuania, I worked like crazy. And yet I almost went bankrupt. Then I gave everything to the Lord and since then I can live without worries and don’t need to work 12 – 14 hours a day anymore. How good the Lord is!

Thank You, Jesus, You know me through and through! You know when I am on the wrong road or on detours. Help me to listen to You – or even better, to always ask before I am in need! I want to go on Your ways, because You are a good Lord to me and take care of me.