Staying alive – 2018.11.18

But you who held fast to the Lord your God are all alive today.
5. Mose (Deuteronomy) 4, 4

Israel had some trials to pass, but many fell away from the LORD and followed other gods or wanted to return to Egypt, into the slavery of sin. But those who remained faithful to the LORD were still alive, and all the others were gone.
It is not so easy to live as a Christian and always be faithful to the Lord. As long as everything is “Hallelujah,” Christ has many followers. But as soon as we have to suffer for His name’s sake, be it by mockery or bad rumors, many leave the Lord of life. As soon as the world lures with fun and pleasure, faith is trivial. As soon as a beautiful woman clambers with her eyelashes, Christ is forgotten … Where are our weak points? Let us rather entrust them to the Lord and seek His help as soon as the seduction comes!
The Bible writes much about the success and happiness of the faithful. But it also writes much about suffering. We must be purified by suffering and brought closer to Jesus. But only suffering and suffering and suffering, God does not allow that. HE has promised salvation and HE keeps it!
Those who proclaim a “Hallelujah Gospel” have a lot of popularity. People travel far to attend these conferences and return confident of victory. But this shortened gospel does not last long in real life.
Likewise, the “gospel of suffering” and constant purification has no endurance. For a long time suffering was overemphasized, and no one wanted to become a Christian anymore, and Christians also looked very joyless, not exactly attractive to others.
The truth lies in the middle. We must go through much suffering, that is true, but our God is there and gives us His Spirit of joy in the midst of suffering. He leads us to the resting places by the water, to the green pastures, and sets the table for us abundantly in the face of our enemies. He is there, and that is the true gospel! HE, the Prince of Peace, whom God has anointed with the oil of joy, HE, the Wisdom, HE is there! and He has an eye on us so that there is a limit to evil. Never will a temptation be stronger than our Lord. Never will it overcome you, for you hold fast to Him.

Thank you, Jesus! You are my rock on which I stand safe. Even if everything is only suffering, I am still safe with you. Thank you for peace, thank you for joy, thank you for your presence! It is worth more than anything I can buy in the world. You are my LORD of life.

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