Like the sun – 2018.11.16

May all who love You be like the sun
when it rises in its strength.
Judges 5, 31

This verse always brings me great joy! It is so beautiful in the morning when the darkness gives way and on the horizon the light slowly becomes brighter and brighter. And then the sun comes over the horizon and warms everything with its rays. That’s exactly how we are! – Or is it not?
When I had to drive to the hospital for weeks, I was always in a hurry. Because I have a very fast car, I was able to drive quite fast. But from time to time I noticed that I was driving quite recklessly, according to the motto: The stronger one is right. The Lord pointed this out to me several times and I had to confess: He was right; – I was reckless and not a mirror of His mercy. Then I had to ask Him for forgiveness, and for Him to change me and for me to make an effort myself.
Yes, sometimes people are happy when we leave again. We annoy others with our preaching and know-it-all ways, with our wisdom and sayings. No, brothers, that is not the way it should be! Let us not focus on the mistakes of others, but rather bear and endure them with patience. We show the love of Jesus and accept the other. We are considerate and friendly, helpful and contagiously cheerful. We are like the sun that rises in the morning in its glory. Let people rejoice when they see us! Because they see the mercy and joy of God in us!
Jesus wants to make us mirrors of His being. This takes a little time and a lot of patience. But He will make it. From time to time He makes us aware of things that we do not do well, like my driving style. He does not do this to annoy us, but so that we may become better in these points, more like our Lord – and that is exactly what we want.
Yes, Jesus makes new people out of us, people who are like the sun when it rises in the morning in its glory! And others rejoice when they see us. We are a blessing for these people! This is how we want to do our work, like the sun that rises. So we want to live like the sun in its power, in the power of Jesus. We want to be like Him, because He is sun and shield to us.

Thank You Jesus, for Your grace that radiates over my life! It falls on me like a warm spring rain. Lord, when I look at You, the joy fills me and I can be patient, merciful and friendly. Please help me to become more like You!