New Life – 2018.11.14

Let my teaching fall like rain
and my words descend like drew,
like showers on new grass,
like abundant rain on tender plants.
Deuteronomy 32:2

Above words are the beginning of the worship song of Moses just as if it would be a summary of his life, a final balance.
However, it is not about a teaching of Moses, it is about the inspired word of God itself. How soothing these words are! They fall on parched, dry land. Just like that also our soal is empty and dried up without God. How reviving is then the morning dew, the warm, gentle rain in spring time, or the rain in autumn soaking everything in water. Beautiful are the flowers with the shining dewdrops on them. In bright colours the rainbow can be seen in the sky. God loves us. His magnificent creation reflects His love, His generosity, His mercy. Like the refreshing dew and the rain is the music and the colorful painting that God gave us in His grace.
Our hearts thirst for revival through the word of God. Let us remember God`s first words of creation. He spoke and it happened. From nothing He spoke things into existence. And He does the same still today. He can create something completely new in our hearts so that we become new-born people in His image. God`s words do that as the rain is giving life to the plants.
As the sun ripens the plants, as the soil makes them grow, so the light of Jesus draw us near to His heart through the power of His words revealed by the Holy Spirit. In His words we receive healing of our soal and of our broken heart. There are in them only joy and peace, forgiveness and retauration. Do not forget to receive daily the healing power of these words which is far more important than visiting conferences and Christian events again and again. In silence God speaks to us and His words will change us. We will bring fruit, become a new man. God does that in your silent chamber. May great evangelists pray for you, without God`voice in you everything is in vain.

Thank You, Jesus, Again, many thanks for the rain on to my dry soal. Thank You for the fresh dew in my heart. Thank You for always giving me new courage. Thank You for new life!