We are children – 2018.11.13

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that  we should be called children of God, AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE.
1 John 3:1

I imagine someone finding his birth certificate and finding completely different names there with mother and father, whom he never knew before. There he is, the child of someone he does not know. That is what it says in this document. But it has no effect because you do not know each other and have no contact with each other! Many Christians find themselves in a similar situation: they know from sermons or from the Bible that God is their Father. But they do not know Him personally and have no direct, personal contact with the Father. – Let us change that today!
I imagine another situation: the door opens and a stranger walks through the door and says: I am your father. I have lost you, but I have searched for you and finally found you again! Here, in your birth certificate it says, in black and white, with a thick stamp. And the child is surprised and confused, of course. But somehow he is happy, because his present father is not a good person.
This is how many people feel: they have a father in whose home they live. But this father is bad, he destroys the child. This father is the devil, the father of lies, who only steals, cheats, lies, creates false illusions and murders in the end. And now the Heavenly Father comes and finds joy in His child! What will this child decide? Will he remain in sin? Will he joyfully accept the real Father and live with Him? – That is what we want to achieve today!
The Heavenly Father formed and made each person individually. Each one is unique, an original. He has put all His love into you. He longs for fellowship with His child. Jesus wants to clean our heart from sin and all filth, so that the Spirit of God can dwell in it. HE, the Spirit, testifies to our Spirit that we are God’s children. It is that simple! HE does everything and we only have to say “yes”. Yes, Father, I want to be Your child! Please give me Your spirit, which tells me and testifies: I am Yours! Please, cleanse me from guilt and filth through the sacrifice of Jesus! I long for You!

Father in Heaven, thank You for wanting me! Yes, I will be Your child, You shall dwell in my heart and be King. Everything shall be Yours, and I will follow You all my life. Please, give me Your Spirit, who affirms to me in silence that You love me, want me and accept me as Your child! Thank You!