The children – 2018.11.12

And He took the children in His arms; placed His hands on them and blessed them.
Mark 10, 16

Jesus is the friend of children. When everyone wanted to chase them away, HE took them in his arms and blessed them.
Today there are so many people who care a lot about children, teachers, kindergarten teachers, social workers, children’s home workers, educators, child psychologists, church members working in child ministry. They have the children on their hearts and work for them. But it can be an endless battle.
The parental home is crucial for the children. If they only work and don’t have time for their children, if they don’t love their children from the heart, but want to regulate everything with money and prosperity, if they don’t give the children any self-esteem, if they only follow an “educational program” …. yes, what can all the specialists do then? It’s nice if at least Grandma and Grandpa are there to compensate for the lack of time and love!
Our society is wrongly polarized, only the economy and performance count. The hours you spend with your children have no direct benefit. They fall by the wayside.
In our area there is hardly a child which grows up with both parents; – most have a new father. The needs of the adults take precedence; – in a “lust-oriented” society (I have a right to this and that, I have the need, etc.) the needs of the children are often not considered.
Jesus is the friend of the children. He alone can make up for all the damage. He alone can put the lack of love and self-esteem back into the hearts of the children. They are always welcome with Him. He knows all their needs and can satisfy them.
Perhaps we lack the trust in Jesus. We do not really entrust our children to Him, and the other children even less so. And He wants to reveal His love and glory to the children. He likes childlike prayers! He hears them! How many miracles does Jesus perform because the children ask Him!
Let us become more courageous and really introduce Jesus to the children: As a reliable, faithful friend; as counselor, doctor, helper, comforter. As the one who says: Do not be afraid, for I am with you! As the one who breaks through loneliness.
Let us be braver when we pray with children!
Let us teach them to pray with full earnestness and trust! No phrases and rituals, but life with Jesus. He wants to go to the children.

Thank You Jesus! You are the children’s friend and hear their prayer. You know what is missing and You can give it. Yes, You want to give it! – if we would only believe and ask. Lord, give us more faith!