The Pharisee Disease – 2018.11.10

Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.
Mark 2, 17

Jesus sat with Levi the publican at noon, and with him were many colleagues of Levi and other sinners. (Customs officers were corrupt people through and through, squeezing money from others like the Mafia). The Pharisees could hardly understand that Jesus sat and ate with the despised sinners. It was probably a cheerful atmosphere, which excited the Pharisees all the more.
We all know that. Someone has a good idea, or is literally bursting with joy, and then someone else makes a pious comment. “Yes, but …..” that’s how it often begins. They are such real spoilsports. They know everything, especially the bad examples and experiences. They apparently no longer know the joy of God, but they know the law all the better.
If we do not forgive, not the others and not ourselves, we will quickly lose the relationship to Jesus and our faith will become a legal thing, a theology, an opinion that we hold. Not we ourselves and no other can keep this law. That is why we condemn ourselves and others. Bad! And one becomes fuller oneself! And we ourselves become full of bitterness and self-condemnation.
Come back to Jesus! Think of the fire of the first love for Him! He is already waiting for you and has stretched out his arms far! He has forgiven you all your condemnations, all your mistakes, all your failures! Now come to Him and be healed!
Legal Christians are almost never cheerful. The law forces them to their knees. Do you still remember the joy of Jesus in your heart?
Jesus knows about us and our illness. He comes for us sinners and unrighteous. He comes for publicans, easy girls, drunkards, thieves and adulterers. He knows about murder and manslaughter, as well as about the loose tongue that does so much harm. With Him each of these sinners is welcome, for He loves everyone without limit. He is the only one who can wash away the dirt of sin. HE is the only one who can fill joy into your joyless soul. He can turn easy girls and boys into innocent people again. He forgives sin, eradicates their traces in us, and makes fundamentally new. Alas, sinners, come into the arms of Jesus!!

O Jesus, how You love us so much! How do You see in us good things that no one else can see anymore! How can You heal, forgive, make new …. You are great, wonderful, boundless! Because You first loved me when I was a sinner, that is why I love You with all my heart.