The resting place – 2018.11.09

HE makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters.
Psalm 23, 2

The older you get, the more you have suffered from fate. We Christians live in this world and are just as affected as all other people.
But Jesus, our good shepherd, is there and He cares for us.
How good that HE is close to us!
So I can entrust myself to Him and let Him heal my wounds. He has given me a community in which I can be myself, with all my wounds, sharp corners and edges. We are all “not-yet-perfect” people; – it is not expected of me, and I do not expect it from my brothers and sisters and from my leaders. Only in heaven will there be a perfect church.
In the community I find healing for my wounds, there I find my green pastures and my resting place by the water. So I can take responsibility without it leading to pressure and stress, but rather I can do so voluntarily and from the heart.
HE is there, HE works in the community. When two or three are together in His name, He is in the midst of them. HE brings healing for the wounded souls, strengthening for weak nerves, health for the body, courage, refreshment, joy, forgiveness, hope. How good this does!
God continues to heal in silence. Walking in the evening, silent prayer, reading the Bible, everywhere I find Him, my Good Shepherd who speaks to me.
When you age and your strength diminishes, it is good to know the Good Shepherd. He has a resting place for me beside quiet waters and knows our needs and weak forces. He takes care of us, as it is right.
And when it goes through the dark valley, I am not afraid; for HE is there. He sets the table for me in the face of my enemies. He pours me generous amounts of the wine of joy. And I remain in the house of the Lord forever.

Thank You, Jesus! You are my Good Shepherd who cares for me. You know me, all my good and weak sides, my whole history and my way to You. With You I find everything I need. How good that You are there, very close to me!