To be a blessing – 2018.11.08

An angel told me: ‘Do not be afraid, Paul. You must stand trial before Caesar; and God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you.’
Acts 27, 24

Paul was on a stormy trip to Rome. But the ship threatened to sink. Of course he prayed. And God sent an angel who told him the word mentioned above. It came is it was said: The ship sunk down, but not a single man drowned; – God had given them into Paul’s hand.
Our intercession for others is much more powerful, as we often believe. God gives the people we deal with into our hands. Our family and friends, our work colleagues and neighbours, God wants bless all these people through us. He gives them in our hands. We can bless them or curse them, or ignore them; – But God wants to bless!
He listens to our prayers for others. So he can bless the people around us with all good things, in a way we cannot bless them. And He wants us to be a blessing for these people. We can be friendly and smile at them and say a cheerful “Good morning! Good to see you “call! ; we can help and forgive, we can really be a proactive blessing! And the things that we cannot influence, we can leave to God: protection against accidents and illness; peace; insights from God … There is so much how God can bless others!
Start to pray and bless with confidence. Start to put aside your reservations about others. Forgive those who were rude to you and hurt you. Or will do you want to punish by “not blessing”?? Become a Light of God and a blessing for your surroundings!
Trust Him! He will certainly bless you. Observe exactly what God is doing. Keep your ears and eyes open and rejoice over the work of God.

Thank you, Jesus, that You have given me so much power! Please, purify my heart so that I can happily stand in for others without “turbidity” I myself want to take myself back; I want firstly, that you bless others and I want to be a blessing to you. I know that you care for me, so I can give myself. You’re a good God!