Resting at the Heart of Jesus – 2018.11.06

One of them, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was reclining next to him.
John 13, 23

In those times, people lay on a sofa at the table. John lay close to Jesus and rested at His chest. Jesus let it go because He knew that John loved Him very, very much. Yes, Jesus enjoyed this friendship with John. And only John could Jesus ask questions that no one else liked to ask. He was Jesus’ favourite disciple.
I think of Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus. She sat at Jesus’ feet and absorbed His words. They were words of life for her. He let her be, because she needed His nearness. Otherwise the law applied that the touch of a woman made a Jew unclean. How good it is that Jesus disregards these human religious laws! They may be based on Holy Scripture, but they do not agree with the character of Jesus. In Him there is another logic, the logic of love over the logic of letters.
And I think of the other Mary who anointed Jesus’ feet with precious oil and wet them with her tears and dried them with her hair. He appreciated her service to Him and took her seriously; – the Pharisee who was present looked contemptuously down on Mary. For he knew that she was a prostitute. But Jesus saw her with the eyes of the heart, and only they see well.
If we want to be a friend of Jesus, then we need to spend time at His feet. We cultivate a love relationship with our Lord. We not only stuff our heads full with Bible knowledge, but rather talk to Him. We seek His fellowship, His will, His presence. How good it is for us! – And Jesus likes it! He cannot refuse us a request if we rest on at His side like John, or if we sit at His feet like Mary and listen to Him.
True friends of Jesus can be recognized by these quiet times where they rest at Jesus’ feet. Bible knowledge alone is not enough.
Jesus rejoices very much at these people who rest at His side; who seek His strong shoulder; who sit at His feet and love Him. There He is very, very close.

Thank You Jesus, You love us so much! How much You want us to listen to Your words and Your heartbeat in silence. Forgive me if the hectic pace of everyday life captivates me. I want to spend much more time with You. You are the Lord of life and have words of life for me.