Joy at work – 2018.11.05

This is the day that the Lord has made.
Psalm 118, 24

Sometimes we wake up grumpy because of the amount of work that has to be done. This is a huge pile! One needs at least 3 years to work through all this….
Some therefore prefer not to start at all, because much is done by itself or someone else will do it. But the mountain remains big and oppresses us and darkens our mood; – loser! So says the prosecutor.
And so our mood gets worse every day ….. and the pressure increases every day.
Sure, God doesn’t want that! Therefore the verse above.
Today is the first day without pressure, without a bad conscience and without a loser mentality, okay? Because if God has made this day, it is not to torture us, but so that we may enjoy it. HE is the Lord, never forget it!
I have some lists. One is the prayer list with the names of people for whom I always pray. It takes a long time. There are our co-workers on it and the members of our assembly and some pastoral cases that I have prayed for for a long time. Then there is the “to-do” list of all the important things to do, but what takes some time and should not be forgotten. I don’t look at this list every day. And then there is the current list for today. On the left I see what I’m going to do today, and on the right is what I have done. Don’t attempt too much, otherwise you’ll only manage three of 98 things, and you’ll be frustrated again. Rather too little, so that it is actually achievable. And you sort by importance. The unimportant can be left lying a little, the most important always first! And I divide the big things into small sections. The things that I have done come to the right. That’s quite a lot come evening! Then I am really happy!
God gave us a mind and a will. And if anyone still lacks wisdom, let him ask the Lord, for he likes to give!
So, enough of the disappointments about oneself. He is the LORD who has given us this day so that we may rejoice. He wants to help and we will succeed in many things. How good that HE is here!!!

Lord, please give me enough motivation and a firm will not to waste the day. You have created this day so that we may rejoice and be a blessing to others! It is good that You go with me, that You give me wisdom, and that You give me joy in my work! Yes, today is the day You made! Thank You! I will now get up and begin, with You to help me; – how good!