All power is with Jesus Christ! – 2018.11.04

Jesus says:
All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me …
Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.
Matthew 28:18+20

All power, all authority in heaven and on earth, Lord!  That is more than I can understand! All power over the universe, over sun and stars, clouds, over all energy incl. the atomic one,  over oceans with their whales and sharks but also turtles, over the whole earth with all the animals and plants, trees,… nothing is excluded. Even not myself!
My Lord has total power over me. He can bring me to Himself, whenever He wants. He can give me health when I am ill, can give me work when I am jobless.  He is there when I am alone. He, who bore all my burdens, can change everything, He hears my prayers. He can do everything. I totally trust Him.
This almighty Jesus has become my friend. Hallelujah! He has forgiven and forgotten all my trespasses, has freed me from chains of fear, from bad thinking and feelings. He is the more powerful! He is the Victor over hell, death, and the devil. He is Lord!
As a friend He is daily at my side from morning to evening, Also throughtout the night He is watching over me and I  may feel safe and secure like a child in His hands, In full confidence I let Him guide me through the day. When I become unsure and even start to scold about an unpleasant situation I quickly seek Jesus and see Him shaking tenderly His head. Oh, I do not want to disappoint Him and let the problem go and win back my peace. I am certain, He will not allow anything worse than I can handle.
He always looks after me and will also raise His finger whenever I am tempted to throw rubbish out of the car window. He does not like that His beautiful creation which He made with such great love, is polluted. I will value same!
Yes, He will go with me to the very last day, will be near by myself also during the last moment when I have to die. As a friend He will then hold my hand, will strengthen me, will lead me into heaven.
Anyhow, I will be ready any moment when He will call me by my name.  All the names of His friends who love Him are noted in the Book of Life. None of them will be forgotten. He is my best friend for ever, is with me to the end of the world.  Praise Him all!

Thank You, Jesus, that You are present. Thank You that You hear my prayers! Thank You that I may feel safe and secure at Your side that You take care of me, that I am valuable to You. Yes, Jesus, I will follow You and lift up your name whereever possible for You are my wonderful Lord!.