Fall asleep without worries – 31.11.01

You put greater joy in my heart,
than others have with grain and wine in abundance.
In peace I fall down and fall asleep;
for You alone, Lord, let me rest without sorrow.
Psalm 4, 8f.

In everyday life it becomes apparent whether my faith is alive or only theory.
There are so many reasons to worry and to fall asleep or not be able to sleep full of worries.  There are so many things that pull us down, there is no joy left.
But Jesus is the Lord. I cannot change the circumstances, but I can live with Him above the circumstances. I know He carries me. I know, He knows my worries and needs. How good!! How good that HE is there!
Sometimes He changes the circumstances, and often He gives courage and ideas to cope well with the circumstances. He has the wisdom.
How good it is to stretch out in the evening and talk to the Lord. Often you have not achieved everything you had planned. But now we can put it in God’s hands and tomorrow we can try it again. HE will also be there tomorrow.
Calmness and serenity characterize the people who rely on Jesus. Because HE does not disappoint.
How good it is when Jesus is our resting cushion. The friendship with the Lord is worth a lot! Only when I don’t listen to Him does the restlessness come again. When I really entrust my affairs to Him, a great peace and inner peace comes into being. Even joy is spreading, even if the situation has not yet been clarified.
It should be the same tonight: In His peace I lie down and sleep; – for He is there and protects me.
Others have everything in abundance.
Sometimes I look a little envious at the others.  But when I take a closer look at their lives, I don’t want to trade with them anymore. Outer luxury is good, but inner peace is much, much more. I don’t want to trade there anymore.
I am happy to live together with my Lord. To talk to Him about everything and to walk on His ways. I can entrust the children to Him, even if many dangers threaten. I can entrust my morning to Him, even if I am old and weak. How good it is to have such a friend!

O Jesus, how good that I have found You! So my life has a pole of peace. Now I have someone who cares for me where there is nothing I can do. With You I am safe, every day and every night. I am safe in Your hand. Thank You!