Hospitality – 2018.10.29

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers; for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels.
Hebrews 13, 2

When the angels visited Sodom and Gomorrah to see if it was really so bad there, Lot (Abraham’s nephew) harboured the angels. The inhabitants wanted to abuse the three handsome men, but Lot defended them with all the means he had; – hospitality was sacred to him, and he respected it more than his life. He did not yet know that the men were angels who could have easily defended themselves.
I know a few people who love to have guests. One simply feels comfortable with them and is relaxed and warm. This gift of God’s hospitality is worth a lot! How many guests have already poured out their hearts because of the love of the hosts, how many have been refreshed and found new courage!
It is important that we develop this hospitality anew. God can use this gift gloriously! We should not be so standoffish, not wanting to pass on any information about ourselves. What do we have to hide? What is there to fear?
When I opened my house for the boys, new life came into the house. My boys felt strengthened and influenced others positively. Sure, some things got broken, but that was limited. I am glad that we practice openness; it has been good for us.
Of course the guests also see what we would prefer to hide or that which embarrasses us. My untidiness, for example. But should that be a reason for me to lock myself in? People talk anyway! I had to overcome a lot within me to open up the house and myself. But I think it was worth it. – I enjoyed and needed the hospitality of others very much when things weren’t good in my life.
Hospitality is a characteristic of God. He loves it. We are also like guests at the heavenly table of gifts. HE likes it when life centres around Him. Let us only think of the feast that the king gave and the invited guests made up excuses, and the king then invited all the people on the streets to fill the hall. Or the return of the Prodigal Son, what a joyful celebration!
Hospitality has a good evangelistic aspect. Friendships develop and people take part in our lives, also in the life of faith. And then at some point they join us at church. Or you feel like having your own discussion group.
Please, let us not seal ourselves off! Let us to reflect the love and friendliness of God through openness and hospitality!

Thank You, Jesus! You are friendly and without secrets. You love me and also show it. Oh, Lord, I want to open my house and heart to others so that they may feel Your friendliness.


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