Self Praise and Praise of Jesus – 2018.10.27

Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. … And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.
Mathew 6, 1+4

We like it when we can better portray ourselves as others are. Our children are better educated, our car is more powerful, our speech more powerful, our appearance more groomed …. Yes, we want to be something!
Also in the Christian churches there are again and again “special” people who like to stand up in front and talk big. Or people who know (almost) everything about the Bible and faith and also how to solve the problems of others.
We should never show our strengths or compare ourselves with others in these things. Jesus never did!
He was humble. He rested in Himself and did not need the praise of others. HE rested in God, so His life was marked by the power of silence. He never needed to point to His good sides. He never needed to say how good He was.
This trait seems to be common to all of us. Even the silent, grey mice want attention and come to life when their ministries are appreciated.
Only a Heart of Jesus frees us from this. When we have Him in our hearts, we no longer need to insist on our authority and knowledge. Then we are authority.
When HE rules in us, it is only important how He thinks about us. And even that is still too much for us. We do our service quietly, without wanting recognition. For we do it for Him; – HE shall receive praise. He shall grow, but I shall lose weight; – said John the Baptist.
Our whole life has Him as its goal, and we are only signposts to Him.
We get this security through Him. He says yes to us; He accepts us as children; He appreciates us immensely; He takes us as His co-workers. He gives us a value that no one else can give us. Why should I still do great things when HE has a Yes to me? I have His Yes, I don’t need any more.
The Holy Spirit wants to put this certainty, this basis of life, into our hearts. Then all great doing ceases. We no longer need it.

Thank You, Jesus, for accepting me. You say yes to me and write it firmly in my soul. Yes, together with You I no longer need the praise of other people; I am free of it. Thank You for this salvation!