Incurable wounds – 2018.10.26

This is what the Lord says:
your wounds are incurable,
your injury beyond healing. …
But I will restore you to health
and heal your wounds.
Jeremiah 30, 12.17

The Lord knows us through and through. All the seconds of our whole life are before His eyes. That is why HE knows exactly what is going on inside of us. He knows all feelings, all thoughts, every pain, every joy; – simply everything is known to Him.
He watches us, but without condemnation. Of course, He does not like sin, but He also rejoices in every good thing, just as a father is proud of his children.
Our heart has many wounds. Parents are not always perfect, teachers sometimes punish us wrongly and the neighbours speak badly of us. All this and much more causes wounds in the heart, in the personality and in the memory. Many therefore build a wall around themselves so that they no longer get hurt. However, they are then isolated, can open up only with difficulty and feel lonely and misunderstood (which is also true).
God wants to heal these wounds, just as a father comforts his children and sticks a plaster on the wound. But HE does it on His terms, not ours. We often moan only because our old self has been offended. God allows this to happen because He wants to bury our old blown up ego. As soon as our heart belongs to Him, He heals everything and our heart becomes invulnerable; – only the egocentric me can be hurt, not the heart of Jesus.
Deep injuries caused by shock or crime can be healed by Him. It is not too difficult for Him. He is very loving and patient. But HE wants us to forgive the perpetrator first, no matter how hard that is. If we decide to forgive, HE helps our feelings become reality. Then healing happens. As long as we are stubborn and moan and lament, God unfortunately cannot intervene and He cannot heal. HE has patience with us and waits until we are ready. Why torture oneself unnecessarily? Why drag the burden itself? Why roll in pain? He is the Saviour who binds every wound, who carries every pain and makes us happy again. Oh, how good HE is to us!

Thank you Jesus that You really heal every pain and every wound. Yes, sometimes I am vindictive and evil, forgive me. You have forgiven me so much, I can forgive others as well. You are wonderful with me – patient, friendly, gentle, healing, comforting and forgiving.

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