Keeping God’s Commandment – 2018.10.25

The Word is very close to you, it is in your mouth and in your heart, you can keep it.
5 Deuteronomy 30, 14

The commandments that God had given Israel were too heavy for the people. It constantly deviated from him.
We think it would be easy to do everything right, because the commandments of God are actually quite simple and easy to understand. But we do our calculations without the power of sin that dwells within us. It constantly seduces us to tell or live small untruths, to take possession of something that does not belong to us, or to talk or think badly about others. Strangely enough, it is impossible to keep the simple rules of God! Because our heart is contaminated with sin.
That is why our living together does not work, neither in the big, in politics, nor in the small, in family and friendship. All forms of government, whether monarchy, democracy, communism and others have failed because of man. All forms of living together have failed, with a few exceptions. And if you have a good marriage, it is a great grace and exception. Does one have the greatest part in it himself?
God sees our dilemma. We do not create the good that we want, and we do the evil that we do not want. But HE has a way out. How good for us!
He wants to put His word in our heart. This is not only His commandment in general, but also His instruction for all situations. He does not only want to write the words of the Bible into us, to write them on our heart, but also His current word for the special situations in which we are. In this way we can walk on His ways, if the Spirit is allowed to guide us. He wants it, and we?
He wants to put the word of grace deep into us and realize it. I am wanted. I am forgiven. God has become my friend. He loves me. These are the foundations of life! How many of us are unwanted, are full of complexes, are full of blocking guilt feelings, are unloved and feel lonely and abandoned. But Jesus makes life totally new by filling us with His good Spirit, the Spirit who enables us to believe Him.
Yes, with Him in our hearts we can do it. Without Him we continue to cramp with sin, guilt and failure. How good HE is to us!!

Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, Jesus! Thank You for salvation and deliverance! Thank You for helping me to live according to Your Word!  Thank You, You are with me, You are in me, You reign!