Witnesses for Jesus – 2018.10.16

You are the salt of the earth. … You are the light of the world.
A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.
Matthew 5, 13f.

Sometimes a lot of pressure is put on us as Christians to be witnesses for Jesus – and we have to do this and that and all kinds of things if we want to satisfy everyone.
But Jesus is much, much simpler in this matter. He simply tells us how to be: You BE light and salt! He does not say: “Strive for it, missionize, work on yourselves!” He says: You ARE that  already. Wonderfully simple, isn’t it?
And it is true! When Jesus rules your heart, you are a Jesus-person. And you reflect His face. HE rules in you and you behave accordingly. He shapes your thinking and you think in a manner that is Christian. He determines your actions and they are Christian. If HE is the greatest in your heart, you are salt and light of the world, and it cannot remain hidden from anyone.
Jesus has given us various talents and spiritual gifts. In one He blesses music, in another the art of drawing, in the third person the precision work of a goldsmith, in the next the ability with  computers, in the fifth a way teaching in which others actually learn, the sixth must evangelize and people really come to faith, the neighbour is equipped by God to lead and people follow him …. There are so many different gifts! If you are not musical, you have another gift! If you can’t preach, you can do something else much better! How liberating is the biblical teaching about the gifts! There is no pressure at all.
And everything because Jesus dwells in our hearts. If we follow our own ideas of how a Christian should be, then we quickly find ourselves in quarrels, stress and exhaustion. When we finally realize that it is not possible, we leave our place and our work to Jesus. And HE can do wonderful things with us! He has a place for us, according to our talents. He has tasks for us. He takes us seriously. He wants real co-workers who listen to Him and walk with Him. HE is the LORD who takes good care of us!
Let us take our time to talk to Him and let Him work in us. HE is worth it!

Thank You, Lord! You really are a liberator. You take every pressure from me. I turn completely to You, please, take me completely in possession. I want to listen to You and reflect You. You are the Lord who really loves me.