The time has come – 2018.10.12

Jesus proclaimed:
The time has come, the kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!
Mark 1, 15

When I read this, I got a little shock: The time has come, the Kingdom of God is near! – Oh, what would happen if Jesus came again today? And I look around and think that I still have to do this, clean it up there, throw that away ….. It should look neat and tidy! And then I see my heart. Oh, I still need to clean there a bit …. No, the Lord shall not find me like this! Where do all these bad thoughts come from? That’s not what I want!
Oh, and then there are a few more dark things …. I still have to clean those up. And pay my bills. And some visits I’ve been postponing. Oh my, will I even manage all this, before HE comes?
We should be ready for Him. Somehow HE always comes unexpectedly. All of a sudden and there He is.
I notice I have an error with my thinking. He doesn’t expect me to stand there in a long white robe looking up toward heaven. He doesn’t expect me to be constantly engrossed in prayer and Bible reading. He likes it when He finds someone at work, even when it’s in the dirt. He likes it when someone does works of mercy or His usual work, only to be surprised by Him. HE is always there, and sometimes HE comes to visit, as a guest, as a helper, a needy person, or at sunset, or in prayer. He surprises me again and again.
But when He comes in the clouds, what about us? When He wants to bring His own home? I ┬áhave the impression that it won’t be long now. Yes, I long for Him and His appearance. That will be wonderful!
He looks at the heart. Is it ready for Him? Longing and love for Jesus are in it. He sees nothing other than our heart. How wonderful!! And so we hold ourselves ready for Him: We purify our heart and let it be filled with His grace and love. It should belong to Him and beat for Him. He is the Lord whom we love infinitely!

Yes, Jesus! I love You! And I wait for You, I long for You! Not only for your peace and divine joy, no, for You alone! You are the love of my life.