To destroy the devil`s work – 2018.10.07

The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil`s work.
1John 3:8

What are the devil`s work? Death, illness, suffering, hate, addiction, envy, greed, lies, destruction, natural disasters, murder, horoscopes, divination, spiritism, religions, witchcraft , and many other things. The devil attracts the people with lots of promises and lies to finally catch them in his net wherefrom they cannot escape. He keeps his loot firmly in his bag.
Only Jesus can help in this situation. He is the Winner. Death, illness, suffering, religions, fury, hate, bitterness,… He has overcome all. In the Gospels you can read how He heals diseases, commands evil spirits, binds natural forces, exposes witchcraft and frees therefrom, how he releases people from bitterness, envy, jealousy, and greed. He creates a new person. He takes the devil the loot out of his bag and set the man free again. He is the one who has the last word!
The cannibals in Indonesia stopped with their wars, their revenges, and their killings when they accepted Jesus – He frees us even from war! Now they live in piece without revenge, without bitterness in reconciliation in the name of Jesus.
Slavery ceased where Christians arose and preached the Gospel. There are so many examples where Christians destroy the devil`s work…
We too want to destroy the devil`s work. We want to create piece within ourselves, in our families, in our city, and in our country. We pray for that. We set an example of forgiveness and mutual acceptance for our God loves our enemies as well.
We want to destroy the devil`s work, he should not be able to bind and torment men. In the name of Jesus we want to release men from bondage and fear. Above all we want to uncover the devil`s work and destroy it. There are many lies which had been inoculated in us during our childhood. We want to put our trust in Jesus in all our thinking and actions rather then to build on lies. The whole Western world view is a lie for here the man is the center and the measure of all things. As Christians we trust in God only.

Thank you, Jesus, that You frees us from selfishness! Only You have the power for that. Only with You I can live joyful and free without bitterness, without envy, without jealousy and greed. How wonderful that you rule my live! You are my Shepherd!