Ambassadors for Christ – 2018.10.01

So we are ambassadors for Christ.
2 Corinthians 5, 20

We no longer live here on earth for ourselves. Simply revolving our lives around ourselves has come to an end! Everything, my whole life should revolve around Jesus, because he is the King and Redeemer.
If it was just about our well-being, then Jesus would bring us at once into heaven. Because there it is much better than here.
He has a purpose for our lives: We are to be ambassadors for him. He cannot walk, has no hands and no mouth, no ears and no eyes – except ours. He trusts us, to continue his work in His place. He wants to build His Kingdom of peace here by us.
If you build a house, it needs a lot of specialist people: architect, builder, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and others. The architect and builder is the Lord Himself. And accordingly to our talent and vocation, we are the special people who build the house in his place. The house is the church of God, His temple and Kingdom. And the workers are evangelist, children’s workers, mothers, fathers, teachers, singers, youth leaders, pastors and many others. Everyone in his place, everyone with his talent.
When Jesus calls us, it is a holy calling. He thinks us worthy to stand in for him. He asks: Whom, Whom shall I send? Who wants to be my messenger? And if we say from our heart: Here I am, Lord, send me! – Then he prepares us. Then he gives us a place in its construction site. Then he makes us able to be His messengers and employees.
It is a high calling to be an envoy of Christ. We want to do everything to give him honour. We want to do everything so that his goals are accomplished by us. We will not be careless and lazy and distract us with 1000 trivialities. We do not want to lose our aim because of “high theological” questions. We want to listen to Him, receive in the silence His power and direction, and then live for Him.
He died for the people, because he loves them so much. He wants the salvation of schoolchildren, he wants to reach children in care with His mercy. He wants to spread hope in prison. He wants to give the refugees new goals, hope and dignity. He knows the needs of every human being and needs the ambassadors of Christ, bringing forth the hope to the people. He needs you.

Thank you, Father, You think of every human being. Everyone matters to you. You build a home for them all, your community. And we can help you. You trust us. Yes, Lord, send me to where I’m needed! How fortunate that you are with me and equip me.