The God of Fire – 2018.06.30

On that mountain, Moses saw the angle of the LORD in a burning bush. Moses saw a bush that was burning without being destroyed.
Exodus 3, 2

Moses was in the desert herding his father-in-law’s sheep – sheep herding for forty years….. bad for a prince! But God had patience with him, and HE formed him in this desert time. Now God was with him at his destination and showed himself in the bush and called Moses to liberate the people of Israel.
The LORD was in the thorn bush, no…. He was in the fire burning in the bush. God is fire! In many passages of the Bible we read that God is fire, that HE sends fire, that His Word is like fire.
When God takes possession of you, it is like fire; – everything dishonest burns away. It cleans you of all dirt. It fills you with warmth and courage, with strength and determination. The fire of God is good!!
When God throws fire on the earth, it is either judgment, as with Sodom and Gomorrah, or it is the fire of faith and revival, as in Indonesia or Wales or with the Jesus People.
How will God’s fire get to you? You want to stand the purifying bonfire? And then receive the fire of enthusiasm and joy?
Do you want to burn everything that gets in the way of the LORD, whether it’s dirt or something generally accepted? Sin or good deeds? Everything can be an obstacle for Jesus; – the good is the enemy of the best!
Do you want the fire of the Holy Spirit? Then you will burn for Jesus. It will not burn you like the bush did not burn; – do not be afraid of Him and His work!
Do as Moses did, go into the desert, into loneliness, go where no man disturbs you. Pour out your heart to the LORD and leave it to Him. Tell Him your request again and again: O LORD, I will be yours, I will be at your disposal, for I love you, only you. Please, fill me with the fire of faith and the Holy Spirit! Please, clean me! Please, use me!
And then wait until the Lord fills you and sends you. He’ll do it.

Yes Jesus, Your fire is good! It burns everything that is not good enough and it burns in me for You alone! My honor is nothing, but You shall have all honor! For You are the Savior, the Good Shepherd, the wonderful King of Peace, the Redeemer and Deliverer, wonderful Counselor… o Lord, You are everything to me!

HE sees what is hidden – 2018.06.29

…your father, who sees what is done in secret.
Matthew 6, 4.6.18

Jesus says these words three times in the Sermon on the Mount, namely about charity, prayer and fasting. These are very intimate things between God and me.  They are nobody’s business, and we shouldn’t brag about them. Our Heavenly Father wants it to remain between us.
It is a great promise that our Heavenly Father sees all hidden things. How often do we try hard for someone who hardly notices, and there is no thank you. It is a little disappointed. But be certain: Our Heavenly Father knows your motives and He sees your loving thoughts and your deeds. He alone knows how many tears you shed in prayer for the lost. He knows everything; – even the hidden.
Once I was ill in bed, not even knowing what was wrong with me. Then these words came to my mind: HE sees what is hidden. Oh, how I was comforted! And full of confidence I could pray that HE would intervene; – and HE did.
I don’t know what’s going on in my body. I’m already over 60, there could be a cancer developing or a heart attack or a stroke. What do I know? But I know that God looks into the hidden and controls all these things. How reassuring that is!
He knows how my soul feels. Sometimes I don’t know what worries or plagues me. But when I am in such a state, I can pray and leave things to Him. Sometimes it is my fault, my pride that is offended, or when I am angry that the Gospel is obstructed, or simply my inability, my weakness, my ego, or something else. – He looks into the hidden and He can bring everything to light.
Sometimes we don’t know how to pray for someone. It is good if we can listen to God and HE tells us the causes of the problems; – HE sees the hidden that we cannot recognize. And then we can “successfully” pray for the person and God can perform miracles.
It is a great comfort to me that my Heavenly Father can see into what is hidden within me. He knows everything. Yes, with Him I am in strong, loving hands, well taken care of!

Thank You Jesus, and thank You again! It is so beautiful, so reassuring and comforting that You know everything and take care of everything! Yes, my Father in heaven, I am safe and secure with You! You’re good to me!!

In front of the Lord – 2018.06.28

I have the LORD constantly before my eyes.
He stands by my side, I’m not staggering. –
That’s why my heart rejoices and rejoices my soul;
my body will be safe, too.
Psalm 16:8f.

Yes, if your heart lacks joy, and if your body does not “live in safety” at all, then only one thing helps: Come to the LORD, seek His face! Then the LORD is constantly before your eyes and not the overwhelming problems.
How often has the Lord prevented sicknesses among Christians who pray to Him, worship Him and do not care for themselves. How much joy He has poured into their hearts!
But who constantly only observes himself and turns every little ailment into a problem, who makes his own suffering and grief the centre of prayer or even the centre of life, how is the Lord to stand before the eyes of such a person, and how should such a thing go steadily? He sees only himself.
No, I don’t want it anymore! I want to get used to habits, how the LORD can always stand before my eyes, how my gaze constantly remains on the LORD!
I want this joy in my heart, this joy of the soul and this safety of the body. It is not the Lord’s fault; – He wants to give me everything good, with joy and health of body and soul!
Certainly there are problems and we do not want to keep them quiet with a “Hallelujah Christianity”. But I don’t want them to decide my day or myself. I want to be dependent on Him and His great mercy. Then we, He and I together, will find a solution.
How good, if He is always in front of my eyes!  Then everything finds its right place and the problems can be solved without hecticness, stress and fear. He’s here, my comfort, friend and helper!

Thank Jesus! You’re sooo good to me! Why do I always look at every little thing that makes me uncomfortable? I want to look upon You, upon my Redeemer! You always help me with everything! How good that I found You!

The acting God – 2018.06.27

When they prayed the place where thy were meeting was shaken.
Acts 4:31

Yes, so powerful is prayer! The wall is shaking! God is present and responds when people are praising Him in unity, worship and adore Him, make themselves totally available to Him, and proclaim the glory of Jesus. Inmidst of such a fellowship God feels at home and acts powerfully beyond our imagination.
The spiritual superiors of the city were against the message of Jesus. They commanded to arrest Peter and John and wanted to throw them into prison. But legally they did not find any reason for that. So they released both again and threatened them not to preach the name of Jesus anymore. However, the deciples did not let themselves be frightened, did not listen to the elders, the authorities, only obeyed God. When they returned to their beloved community they all prayed fervently in untiy. They prayed for strength and wisdom to proclaim the word of Christ. They prayed to God: “Stretch out Your hand that healings, signs and miracles are happening in the name of Jesus, Your holy servant!” In this moment God responded with an earthquake and all were filled with the Holy Spirit and proclaimed the gospel unflinchingly.They all were believers of one heart and soal, one in Jesus! What fullness of power lies in this unanimity! In this way the community could grow, and signs and wonder took place. The people loved and respected the apostles as they saw God was with them.
The Holy Spirit is the power of God. In Him God is acting here on earth. He is our Helper, Adviser, our strength, and comfort. He brings God`s word to life in us. The fruits of His work are faith, hope, and love. He accomplishes in us a true glorification of Jesus.
Let us always be open to the Holy Spirit that He can work through us in all. He purifiy us and eliminates everything that contradicts His nature. Give Him “free way” and work together with Him, preach, live and be with Him always. Rely on Him as He is the power of God. He is the Doer who loves to help us and others. He heals, does signs and wonders to lead us to Jesus, to build up our trust in Him.

Thank You, Jesus, You give us the spirit of power, the spirit of courage and hope that consoles and helps us. Thank You for the Holy Spirit! We need Him much more because our faith has to grow constantly. 

A new robe – 2018.06.26

„In the same way, it’s a happy time for the angels of God when one sinner decides to change.“
Luke 15, 10

… and then Jesus tells the parable of the prodigal son. Today I am grabbed by the small point where the father hugs his son and gives instructions to his people: Put him in the bathtub and then give him the best robe, put a ring on his finger and put on his best shoes (v. 22)!
Yes, he means well with His children! Only the best is good enough for them.
Some try to purify themselves so that they can go to the Father. But only the father has the special soap needed to remove the stains of sin. We can rub our stains, wash, cover and try everything, but the stains remain. Only HE can get it off! And all of this without any action on our part. It’s called forgiveness. It comes from God and purifies us completely without us being able to do anything about it. All we need to do is say yes, Father, please clean me of my filth, of the stains, of the poison of everything that pollutes me! and he will.
For Jesus has already paid the price on the cross. He is happy when His sacrifice was not in vain, but when You accept it and invoke it and leave aside all your own efforts!
We really can’t do anything for our salvation, it’s a gift. Why do some people try so hard to get forgiveness? Because it’s against their pride to get something for free. It is as if the bank is writing me off 1 million EUR in debt and I really want to contribute 5 cents. Ridiculous.
Let it be a gift! If you want to work off your guilt, Jesus’ sacrifice is not for you! It’s an insult to God’s love.
You’ll get a new robe. A pure, bright, white dress. You are pure and holy. You will receive the seal ring; – everything you ask in prayer, the Lord hears. You get the shoes. These are the shoes of preaching the gospel through words and deeds.
Honor Him from now on! Don’t vandalize your robe! Do not abuse the signet ring, your spiritual authority! And use the shoes, don’t stay on the sofa of comfort. HE is the Lord of grace, in this we want to live!

Thanks for the new dress! Lord, sometimes I make it dirty. How good that You clean it again and again! I love the new robe, the purity You give! Thank You for the new life, the new opportunity, the hope, the joy and all the blessings that You have given me!

The Power of Sin – 2018.06.25

I know that in me, that is, in my flesh, nothing good dwells; the will is present in me, but I cannot realize the good.
Romans 7:18

This is what happens to many people: they want to do good, to be righteous, to live without sin and without falsehood, lies or deceit, but they do not succeed.  Then they condemn themselves again. Constant feelings of guilt are the result when you measure yourself by God’s standards. Now some hang the bar for good and evil lower, so a little white lie and a little scold….. Then conscience becomes dull and we condemn ourselves less often; – but is this the way out? Many people reject God’s words and explain a completely different good/bad model. So evil and sin become good and normal. Thus whole nations make their own standards and are angry when one tells them the biblical standard of good and evil.
There is a power within us that almost forces us to evil. Envy, pride, greed and everything is the result of the power of sin in us. Sin is not just a single act, but it is like a person or an evil spirit who influences us, manipulates us, imposes his will on us and makes us “evil”. We must accept that this power is within us. Sometimes deeply hidden, sometimes frighteningly visible.
We want the good! Yes, that’s what we want. But our will alone is too weak, sin wins again and again; – sometimes only in our thoughts, but it wins.
We need the power of the Holy Spirit!  Only HE can rebuild our heart from scratch. Only HE can hold sin captive in us; we ourselves relapse again and again. Evil lives in me and I am capable of terrible things if I give in to sin.
But Jesus freed me, put me under His protection, forgave me, gave me the power of God. Who do I listen to? If I am closely connected with my Lord, then His Holy Spirit works in me, then I can be guided by Him. But if I don’t go my own way, I’ll soon fall again.

Thank You, Jesus! You give the Holy Spirit who wants to guide and lead us properly. Thank You for forgiving me when I have once again listened to sin. As long as I look at You and am with You, I am safe from sin; – You reign!  Help me to live ever closer and more intimate with You!

Under His Shield! – 2018.06.24

For You, Lord, You bless the righteous;
You surround them with Your favor as with a shield.
Psalms 5:13

David was aware what enmity means, suffering, aches, oppression, persecution, agony. He had experienced that all. And inspite, or just because of that he is a happy person, full of hope because he knows God as a friend.
No, David was not a saint at all, he had done many mistakes, heavy offenses. And yet with the spirit of God he always found new ways to reconcile with his Father who in His love forgave his guilt. Blessed is the man whom God justifies. Only from Him we do receive justice.
David knew God. He was able to exclaim from his own experience: You surround me with Your favor as with a shield. He underwent it many times how God had freed him. Yes, how often God had saved him from trouble with His protecting hands in situations of adversity! How many times God has rescued him from enemies! How often He had showed him an escape! Surely David could sleep very well as the Lord was watching over him. He was  in total carefree as God looked after him.
David was one of God`s favourites. God blessed him with many signs of love and grace. He did not allow that anybody harm him. He was a friend of God, and God was his friend to whom he entrust himself  completely.
How glorious when we enjoy such a close relationship with God. Then calm and serenity spreads, and joy and confidence prevail.
God wishes to have with us the same relationship as with David. He loves to be our protection. He likes to pour out His grace over our life. He likes to bless. He wants us to be happy, easygoing, calm, patient, gentle and friendly. He is like that!
Yes, we want to seek Him, see His face. Then we begin to reflect His character that enable us to withstand all what opposes the grace of God. Yes, we want to rest in the mighty and gentle hands of God to live only from His power. Then we sleep well and bravely start the new day. He covers me with His shield, with His infinite grace.

Thank You, Jesus, You have reconciled me to God! Now I am a child of God, a beloved one.!  He pampers me with His love gifts! He protects me with His shield against all attacks and enemies. I am save, how good I am doing!