Our own selection – 2018.05.24

Go through the narrow gate!
Matthew 7:13

Jesus says at the end of the Sermon on the Mount: Go through the narrow gate! For the gate is wide, which leads to destruction, and the way there is wide, and many go on it. But the gate leading to life is narrow, and the way is narrow, and few find it.
Many people seek happiness or God, they seek heaven in heaven or on earth, they seek peace, healing, joy, luxury and wealth…. they seek and seek. Some have found something, but they keep looking and want more and more. They are on a wide path with the masses of people. Everything is somehow the same, with some small differences everyone wants the same thing. And Jesus says: “They are all wrong.
They run to ruin for a little thing they worship or chase. He alone is the gate to heaven. It is as if people are standing in front of the gate and do not want to go through it. They see, smell, hear and taste the riches of heaven, but they do not want to go through Jesus.
It seems to cost them too much.
You are looking for detours or shortcuts to the heaven. Some think there is dense forest to the right of the gate, we can sneak past, and others think there are mountains to the left, we can hide there and go to heaven unseen.
Some Christians want the riches of heaven and do not receive them. Because they don’t want Jesus to be Jesus. They have loads on their backs that prevent them from walking through the narrow gate. They have their own ideas about what Jesus should be and do not know what He is like. Only he who has Him in his heart, renounces everything (also his opinion) and wants to follow Him, the treasures are available to him.
God is generous and rich, and his children often poor and suffer much lack. Is it because we have our own ideas and do not want to go Jesus’ way? It costs us our lives to go with Him, but HE gives us His life for it, and that is much, much better!How many seek healing from any preacher, not Him! Like many people, certain prayers try to change God’s mind, but they don’t try it about Jesus. How many have rituals and traditions, entrenched patterns of thinking about Jesus and do not know the living Lord.
Seek Jesus, for in Him alone we find all the treasures of heaven! But when you have found Him, all the treasures of heaven and earth mean nothing to you. He is much, much more!

Thank You, Jesus! I have found You and I live with You. It’s worth more to me than health, wealth, luxury, convenience and all the money in the world! You are so good to me, supply me with everything and surround me with love.

The Lord who watches over me! – 2018.05.23

I lift up my eyes to the mountains,
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip.
He who watches over you will not slumber;
indeed, He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord watches over you.
The Lord is your shade at your right hand.
The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
The Lord will keep you from all harm.
He will watch over your life.
The Lord will watch you over your coming and going,
both now and forevermore.
Psalm 121

Thanks to the grace of God I have decided to lift up the Highest, the Maker of the universe, to accept Him as my protector. I am safe in His shadow, secure in His hand. Even when misfortune, sickness,or any accident oppresses me, I find shelter in a strong castle. He is my helper!  When mountains of worries are pressing me down, I find rest in Him. He is wonderful, strong, powerful, He is loving, friendly, full of grace, patience, and mercy.
Yes, such a protection, such a guardian I need. There is a mass of problems hassling me, many decisions have to be made, a lot of work is awaiting me… yes, I need Him, His words!
I want to encourage to read the bible. I myself did it each morning at breakfast time for several years. I read one or 2 psalms when they were short. They are prayers that God loves. They changes us and gives us hope. I love them!
Yesterday evening I sat on the bench in my garden. When mosquitoes wanted to attack me I immediately placed myself under the protection of Jesus and in fact they did not bother me. Yes, our Lord takes care also of little things. Should you then not rely on Him in great things?
Test Him, read the psalms! You will be surprised by the fruits of reading them. His word is food that last for a long time. The Holy Spirit will remind you of the right words you once have read, which can help you out of difficult situations.  You may trust Him and keep quiet. There is power in this calmness! Yes, He makes you peaceful, strong and serene. He is with you all the day through. Where is a better Guardian in this world than Him?

Thank You, Jesus, You love me! You surround me from all sides with Your grace, protection and strength! You are so good to me!

I’m here!! – 2018.05.22

Here is your God!
See, the Sovereign Lord comes with power,
and he rules with a mighty arm.
Isaiah 40, 9f.

He’s here!! What is it about you that you fear mortal men? Why are you trembling with the anger of your enemies? Why do you despair because of illness, suffering, unemployment or impending death? Isn’t He the LORD? Is HE not the LORD of sickness, death and destruction? Of unemployment, housing shortage, hunger and thirst? He’s here, that is His name.
Why do we have so little faith in our Lord? Doesn’t He know our problems? Or do we not like His ways with us? Are they too hard for us? Please, allow Him to carry your burdens! He says: Bring me your burden, I will gladly carry it for you, and, please, take my burden. It is light and does not suffocate.
Do we not believe that HE is the Lord? Or why are we afraid? He’s here! That’s His program, His name. HE with all His power is by your side.  He even took away the power of death. Do you assume your problem to be even bigger?
He has cured so many diseases, ailments and sufferings. Should we despair because we are still not completely healthy? No, we can bear it because HE believes we can.
Please, let Him be Lord. Do not destroy your faith by small faith. Nothing is more powerful than HE!- and you are in His strong, loving hand.
Seek Him, be open to His solutions, and praise Him now already for redeeming you from everything. He will certainly do it; – nothing is too difficult for Him.
When will we finally believe? Without maybe, eventually … and: if God wills.
The Lord is here. And where are you?
Allow Him to enter your heart. Let the joy enter, this unique heavenly joy that can be stopped by nothing. He’s here!!
And where HE is, there is joy without limits. Let Him be LORD! Let Him do it! Let Him fill you to the bursting point!
HE is there, and where HE is, there is no more death, no more suffering, no more depression. He is the conqueror.

Thank You Jesus, for saving me, but not so that the enemy may oppress me again. No, I want to get up, I want to fight for your victory: You are there, and where you are, there is hope and joy!

The Path to Life – 2018.05.21

You make known to me the path of life;
You will fill me with joy in your presence;
With eternal pleasures at your right hand;
Psalm 16:11

God has only good thoughts and plans for us. He is not vindictive or always wants to punish us for something, He does not want to nag us or educate us all the time. He is a patient, gentle, friendly father who is full of hope for us. He sees our possibilities, our abilities and not our failures. He knows he’ll get us safely to our destination.
From this serenity we can live well! God, my father, is here! He never lets me down, he never forgets me! What a comfort in difficult times!
And so we can be patient and wait for Him even in difficult situations. HE will redeem and deliver His child gloriously. We wait for Him, for His help and place our burden confidently in His hands.
And after a while we realize: His way with us is the path to life. Then joy rises in us. We realize that after a long night, the morning is not far away!
We should become silent before Him. Then our trust in Him who created heaven and earth will grow. Let us dwell in His presence. Then the heavenly joy comes over us. Then we realize how small our problems are and how big HE is. We see: In His presence reigns joy in abundance and bliss for all time. Even in difficult times our hearts are light and cheerful, calm and full of peace. Because we know: He’s here.
His purpose with me is good, and His ways lead to life. With Him, before His face, there is joy and bliss.

Yes, Lord, I can tell when I’m alone with you: With you is peace, serenity, joy and delight. With you alone my heart comes to rest. How good you are to me!!

Living Water – 2018.05.20

“Whoever is thirsty should come to me, and whoever believes in me should drink. As the scripture says, ‘Streams of life-giving water will pour out from his side.’”
John 7, 37

Jesus promises us complete abundance. It does not matter for what we are thirsty, whether for justice or peace, HE wants to saturate us with it. He alone has the fullness of all good!
Often He takes something that distracts us from Him, and to what we have bound our hearts too much. First our shouting is great, but we begin to seek Him and ask Him for an answer. Rarely He answers our questions directly, but He must not do that. For He himself is our response to our questions. He bends down to us, comforts us and takes us in His arms. Then He is very close and streams of living water will flow from Him to us to soak our thirsty heart. The more closely we cling to Him, the more He fills us with His life water and the less important other things become to us. He wants to draw us to His heart very closely!
He wants that the water of life flows. When we are filled, the water runs over to other people. So He wants to make us a source of living water! For our children, parents, spouses, colleagues, neighbors and the needy. Don’t keep the water for yourself, then it’s gonna be bad and starts to stink. No, pour it out abundantly, then the Lord can fill you with new, fresh water! He wants to use you to soak the land. A magnificent vocation!

Thank you, Jesus, You are breastfeeding my thirst and my desire! In You alone my soul comes to rest. I cling to You and You take me in Your strong arm. Thank you, Jesus, You are my life!

Communion – 2018.05.19

With all my heart I will thank the Lord
in the assembly of his people.
Psalms 111, 1

If geese are on the move, they fly in a wedge formation. The first hast to break the air resistance and has many difficulties. The others fly in his slipstream and only have it about half as heavy as he. Therefore, the first goose is often replaced. So geese can travel more than thousand kilometers: One at the top, the others almost effortlessly behind.
Among us Christians it is similar. Alone it is hard, but in fellowship with other Christians it is a lot easier! During the jointly worship, our hearts cheer to Jesus, one heart takes along the other. In prayer, the faith of the one inspires the faith of the other. The nearness of God is much more noticeable than if one prays alone. In the Community you encourage, comfort and strengthen each other. Alone you often feel blue and it’s hard to find new courage again. Community is as important and necessary to us as breathing! The devil walks around, seeking whom he may devour. If someone is alone, it may succeed him. If someone in the flock, it is much more difficult for him.
Let us look for the fellowship with other Christians! Let’s go back to the church, the hour of prayer and Bible study or look for a home group! And there we want to praise the Lord with all our heart, in the circle of the pious, in the midst of our community!
Do not expect too much from other Christians, also from the leader. They are all just imperfect people like you. Just expect that Jesus will bless you because you listen to His Word and walk in His ways! Constantly forgive your fellow Christians, so that no bitter root grows! So your heart remains pure and unencumbered. Then you can worship Him with all your heart and He bends over you and fills you with His grace.

Thank you Jesus, You ‘re the reason of my worship! You have done so much for me and I will walk on Your ways and listen to Your word. I will get up and look for my siblings. And together, we want to praise You from all our heart! Praised be He, the rock, the Almighty, the Savior and Redeemer!

A great character! – 2018.05.18

But may all who love you be like the ones who love you
be like the sun when it rises in its strength.
Judges 5, 31

What a wonderful promise the Lord has for us today! We shall be like the sun that rises in its strength!
Unfortunately, some people fear Christians because they behave like Jesus never behaved. They know everything, and they know everything better. They criticize everything. They’ll see every hair in the soup. They have a very sharp tongue. Under the guise of pastoral care and secrecy they tell everything. They always know exactly where which verse is written in the Bible and which verse is written for this very situation. They judge and condemn, criticize and complain. They do “pastoral care” where others have to work, and then also straight away for those Christians, who are sooo terribly busy, so important. No one’s happy when a Christian like that shows up!
We should and want to be like Jesus. He never criticized anyone, not even the criminals or easy girls. Only the Pharisees got it from Him. He was a person in whose company everyone felt accepted. Mary liked to sit at His feet and listened to Him eagerly. John leaned into Jesus’ shoulder, for He loved him.
Throughout the day Jesus healed people, took part in their fate, drove away evil and protected them from the pious.
Who would not want to be like Jesus? Who would not want the fruit of the Spirit as described in Galatians 5:22?
It grows when we are simply in Him. At work, in the evening and in the morning, on weekends, with the children and while driving: Always remain in dialogue and in contact with Him. We have our quiet time, our prayer time, but all day long we talk to Him and let Him talk. His character rubs off on us and we become the most kind people on earth! If we love Him and carry Him in our hearts, we become more and more like Him! Then the people are happy when they see us, they think: Oh, the sun is rising!

Yes Lord, I love you! I want to be who you are! Patient, friendly, listening, accepting, sharing, merciful and loving; – just like you! Forgive me, sometimes the old me comes through again. How good that you live in me and realize your word!