The No becomes the Yes – 2018.05.31

Woe to the man through whom the Son of Man (Jesus) is betrayed.  It would have been better for him if he had never been born.
Mark 14:21

Judas betrayed Jesus. Jesus wanted to be friends with him, but Judas handed Him over to the cross for a few coins. Jesus had fought for him, but Judas decided otherwise.
What’s the worst that can happen to us? – to be thrown into hell. It’s worse than death.
For whom would it be better never to be born?  For the one who goes to hell. There’s nothing left of God there. No music, no colours, no sun, no joy, no peace, no flowers, there is nothing left to rejoice in, only misery, loneliness, despair, pain and death wish; forgotten, completely forgotten by God.
It’s worse than death, worse than the worst life. But Jesus wants to save us from this fate, that is why He came into our world.
Never born….. I’m thinking about abortions. Jesus forgives mothers for abortions and fathers for not stopping them. He accepts the children, both the dead and those who survived. He wants to be their father, a good father, one who loves and affirms them. Many mothers had thoughts about abortion and the children still feel rejected. Let Jesus accept you! He’s making up for the damage.
The children who have been aborted are waiting in heaven for their parents to tell them: I have forgiven you and I look forward to see my mother and my father!
If Jesus thinks you should live, live! Let Him the LORD affirm you! He loves you hot and dear. He’s the real father. He always means well to you. His love should penetrate you and you should reach others with this infinite love. He’s the father who says yes to you. He knows all the problems and difficulties, but He also knows the solutions.  Trust Him, bind yourself to Him, expect love, acceptance, comfort and everything from Him! He’s wonderful.

Thank You, Jesus! You kept me, and others too. You forgive guilt, even if it’s blood-red. You make every person that comes to you new. How good and wonderful You are to us!!! Yeah, You’re making up for all the damage.