Peace in the Storm – 2018.05.30

Do not let your hearts be troubled.
You believe in God, believe also in Me!
John 14:1

We live in restless times. So it is likely that our hearts get troubled. So many divorces also among Christians; so many children without parents, so many suicides! So many lies in the news, in politics but also within the church. So much injustice, hunger and suffering.
Do we have an answer to all that? Without Jesus definetely not! Without Him we are helpless, do not know why that all around us is so miserable. We even do not know ourselves! Without Him we are not sure what we are capable of in everything, good and bad.
Therefore Jesus wants to dwell in our hearts to put it on the rock. He wants to let flow in our restlessness His peace that we need so much.
What does He expect from us? Our trust in Him, in His mercy so that we are prepared to receive everything necessary from His kind hand.
He wants our passion, our ardent believe in Him, our Provider and Master whom we trust alone.
There is nothing more difficult for us as to throw away all our own reasoning and feelings and to only look at Jesus, to trust Him especially in most chaotic situations. Like children we should do that totally relying that He is carrying us through. I close my eye and hold tight to Him as He is strong and my Savior to the end.
We do not receive answers to all our questions. But our hearts will find totally rest in Him. He fights for us, provides us with the necessary when we entrust ourselves to Him completely in everything. He is still there when all have left us. He is faithful even when I fail. He is my Lord, He forgives and loves me! Therefore I trust Him, find peace in Him in midst of the deepest storm.
Believe and totally trust in God, your Father in Heaven and in Jesus, your Savior!  Give all your needs, burdens and worries to Him. He will do everything gloriously to your best.

Yes, Jesus, I can trust You! My restless heart finds peace in You. Not always I understand everything that wants to trouble me. But then I come to You who knows everything, the right way! Thank You!

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