All alone – 2018.05.29

… You will leave me all alone.  Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.
John 16:32

Jesus knows what solitude, loneliness and abandonment is. When he was in the desert for forty days, He was alone. He often withdrew from others to pray. When John the Baptist was murdered, He sought solitude in His sorrow.
But Jesus never suffered from solitude, loneliness or abandonment. He always had His Father with Him. They were in constant silent conversation and had hearty  fellowship with each other.
Here is also the key for us: through a very close connection with Jesus and the Father, the feeling of abandonment and loneliness is suppressed and gives way to a great inner joy and peace.
Self-pity and self-condemnation not only disturbs the communion with Jesus, it makes it impossible, because we do not believe Him. That is why we must take action against all our whining and complaining, so that we can be rescued from self-pity and become responsible for ourselves. We must fight against all self-condemnation, break the curse of this self-condemnation and put ourselves wholly under Jesus’ word: I am forgiven! I am His! Nobody will damn me! Only I alone and the enemy still accuse me.  When we have uncovered the lies of the enemy and the lies of our old self, we can better defend ourselves against them.
In the name of Jesus I break the curse of self-pity, this circling around my own misery! I ask Your forgiveness, O LORD, for thinking only of myself and not believing that You care for me! Out with that evil spirit!
In the name of Jesus I break the curse of self damnation and every curse I have spoken unto myself. Please forgive me, Jesus, for not believing that You have forgiven all my sins! Out with this spirit of damnation and accusation!
If we are one with Him, there is no more abandonment. For He never leaves or forgets any of His children. He is a wonderful, good Father, who means well to us!

Thank you, Jesus! You are so good to me! I can always come to You and You always have time for me. Yes, it is good to spend time with You. How You love me!!

Hebrews 13:5: For God has promised: Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.  So we say with confidence:  The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.


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