Perfection – 2018.05.28

You therfore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.
Matthew 1, 48

A good and well-known evangelist had been invited to a city. But on the first evening, before the event, he was politely escorted to the station and said goodbye. What had happened? Someone had seen him in the street, where the easy girls were in business. It was immediately clear: He went to the girls. And that was really the case. But there he distributed invitations to the evangelization. I don’t want to know what the person who saw him was doing there….
So it is with our logic and hasty conclusions; so it is when we do not ask whether it really is as we understand it. We judge, and God must correct it again! (straighten).
The careless tongue of Christians does more harm to the kingdom of God than any cannon in the world. What thoughts are being expressed! What do you impute everything to the others! Everyone is an expert when it comes to finding out why a person is the way he is.
God is perfect, and so should we. Anyway, Jesus says it in the Sermon on the Mount.
Especially in the sexual field we fail very often and sometimes very much. Not only King David fell on his nose, but also many men and women of God. Sexuality is a very, very strong power.
How do we deal with this? He who has never missed himself, not in thoughts, words or deeds, beware, for he can still fall. He who has already sinned knows the power of sin. So who is entitled to judge the sins of others or to talk about them? None but Jesus.
HE talks to His children, the sinners, and corrects them in love. HE looks for them, follows them until they are back in the flock of God. Just like David. When he finally repented, God said: “This is a man of God! I don’t think there is a greater compliment from God.
We want to judge a man or a woman by what they are now: Men and women of God; – or not. What happened is over. We don’t want to listen to the accuser’s voice either. We want to see how God judges it and joins in.
We all sin and fall sometimes. Do we want to expel everyone from the community? Then we will soon be alone….. Even Jesus is no longer there because he does not want anything to do with the Pharisees.

O Lord, give me mercy to my brothers and sisters! I don’t want to be judged hard and I don’t want to do it with my siblings either! Thank you for your forgiveness, which is reality. You forgive me and my siblings. How good! What freedom!! And I believe in you alone, not in any human being.

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