Image of God – 2018.05.26

„So God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”
1. Mose 1,27

Is both man and woman the image of God? No, together as man and women they are the image of God. Both together reflect the essence of God, the woman more the one side and the man more another side. Together they are an image of God. But you can’t say God is male or female.
I find many verses in the Bible that describe God as the Father; and I find many verses that describe God with maternal qualities. These insights are revolutionary for many cultures, probably also for Western European ones, where everything is to be equalized or only the female validity finds or everything is very mixed. The woman is the image of God! For many cultures a real revolution, upgrading and challenge! The man is also no longer allowed to hide in his master role. He must share and appreciate the woman as a partial image of God; not only is he the image of God, but the woman reflects a different view of God. They complement each other!  In recent years many books have been written about God the Father. That was good. Now there are actually no books emphasizing the mother qualities, the motherly love of God and His motherly concern. (The novel “The Shack” is very groundbreaking and has captured many of these thoughts in pictures.)
I don’t want to cause a storm of anger with these thoughts. But many people lack the mother. God can understand them well and satisfy their needs. He can comfort, lovingly stroke over His head, fight for His children, spoil them and simply stand by them.
One finds in every human being the image of God. One reflects more the one aspect of God, the other another aspect. God has many, many different facets like a diamond.
Every human being is different and yet always an image of God. Man himself and the enemy distort this image. But with Jesus we find our way back to the origin and our consumed image slowly becomes healthy and straight again.

Thank you Jesus, You heal my nature, my character and my heart! So I can slowly reflect more and more of God’s being. There’s still a lot missing, but I realize you’re working on me and healing me. How good that is!!


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