Simply being there – 2018.05.25

Look at the birds of the air! …
See how the flowers of the field grow!

Matthew 6:26.28

How much value does a sparrow or a flower at the roadside have? Almost nothing. Our value is so much greater!
But we also strive for very, very great tasks and services, we would prefer to be like Billy Graham, Martin Luther or St Francis! And God says, “No”.
He says: “Look at the birds, they don’t work, they don’t plan, but the Father takes care of them. Do you know why they’re here? So we can enjoy them and hear their cheerful chirping. It shall infect us to sing a song of praise to the LORD as well.
The secret of spiritual greatness is to be simple, just be there and let God act.
Joseph was a normal teenager and was cruelly torn off course. But in normal life he was faithful to God and made it to vice-pharaoh in Egypt. And in this worldly position he could do much, much good and keep many people alive in the famine.
Esther was a normal woman who loved God. God made her a Persian queen, and she saved her people from destruction.
God wants you to be just as natural. As a carpenter, electrician or saleswoman you can serve Him just like a pastor or evangelist can. HE is with you just as He is with everyone else; – God does not prefer the spiritual vocations, to Him they are not worth more than others.
Just be who you are and God will make you a great blessing if you allow Him. Give Him your life as it is and He will use you wonderfully.
Be who you are. Don’t try to copy anyone. You are God’s creation as you are.  You are not in any way deformed.
Just be, live with God. If you are available to Him in your place, HE will use you!
Think of the sparrows and the lilies, how wonderful they are, how simple, they are just there. We rejoice in them, and that’s enough.

Thank you, Jesus! You’re with me and I’m in You. Thank You for blessing me where I am and making me a blessing! You love me!!

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