The Path to Life – 2018.05.21

You make known to me the path of life;
You will fill me with joy in your presence;
With eternal pleasures at your right hand;
Psalm 16:11

God has only good thoughts and plans for us. He is not vindictive or always wants to punish us for something, He does not want to nag us or educate us all the time. He is a patient, gentle, friendly father who is full of hope for us. He sees our possibilities, our abilities and not our failures. He knows he’ll get us safely to our destination.
From this serenity we can live well! God, my father, is here! He never lets me down, he never forgets me! What a comfort in difficult times!
And so we can be patient and wait for Him even in difficult situations. HE will redeem and deliver His child gloriously. We wait for Him, for His help and place our burden confidently in His hands.
And after a while we realize: His way with us is the path to life. Then joy rises in us. We realize that after a long night, the morning is not far away!
We should become silent before Him. Then our trust in Him who created heaven and earth will grow. Let us dwell in His presence. Then the heavenly joy comes over us. Then we realize how small our problems are and how big HE is. We see: In His presence reigns joy in abundance and bliss for all time. Even in difficult times our hearts are light and cheerful, calm and full of peace. Because we know: He’s here.
His purpose with me is good, and His ways lead to life. With Him, before His face, there is joy and bliss.

Yes, Lord, I can tell when I’m alone with you: With you is peace, serenity, joy and delight. With you alone my heart comes to rest. How good you are to me!!