Christ and Work – 2018.05.17

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.
Ephesians 6:7-8.

When we do something good, God will never forget it. He forgets all evil and does not hold it against us. But He writes the good in His book and we will be compensated for everything, much more than just compensated! God is so generous, so willingly He gives willingly. He wants to spoil us and simply be with us!

We should be just like him – even in working life. It’s not right for us to criticize the boss. We should be loyal to him and the company. What will Jesus think of us if we spread a bad mood at work? Why do we want to blame the boss for every mistake? We make some too!
We want to do our work as if it were directly for Jesus. We want to make them to His glory. Certainly, there are limits, but such a case is rather rare. We don’t want to lie and cheat for the boss, of course. And it is Jesus who shapes our sexual morality, not the magazines. We don’t want to get rich in the company unlawfully, even if everyone does. No private calls, no stamps, no diesel. We owe Jesus an account and HE takes it very seriously. How much blessing does not come upon us because we enrich ourselves?
And employers should treat their people as human beings, not delay pay, be friendly and calm, as if Jesus was their employee. How different would the world be if workers and bosses acted like Jesus!

It is not always so easy to be a Christian in working life. But with His help it’s possible. And where we suffer disadvantages because of Him, HE makes up for the damage. Better a clear conscience than a thick roast, which was not honestly acquired. He has a solution for all things, entrust yourself to Him. If necessary, you can also change jobs. But there is nowhere a paradise for us Christians in the world of work. Everywhere there is sin, mistakes happen, the bosses are only people who make mistakes, and the colleagues are not exactly like Jesus. Together with Him we can stand it, and we are even a blessing for others!

Thank you Jesus, you never forget me! You are also here at work, think of me, help me and give me strength and joy. Yeah, I want to work like it was for you. I want to honor you and not shame you with my loose mouth. Help!!!!!