The Spirit of Strength – 2018.05.14

The Spirit of the LORD settles on Him;
the spirit of wisdom and insight,
the spirit of advice and strength,
the spirit of knowledge and fear of God.
Isaiah 11:2

This is a prophecy from Isaiah about Jesus, the Messiah. 600 years before Jesus were born, Isaiah had already seen Him. How merciful God is!
Everything is written down beforehand so that people can recognize Jesus as the Messiah when they open their eyes. All ancient prophecies about the Messiah apply to Jesus.
Jesus is living in us, in God’s children. And therefore also the Spirit of the Lord, who rests on Jesus. The spirit of wisdom and insight, of counsel and strength, of knowledge and fear of God. When Jesus is the LORD of the heart, there is no scarcity. All qualities of the Spirit of God are also in the child of God.
We must train them! It is not enough to be musical, you also have to practice a lot if you want to become a master! This is exactly how we must practice and strengthen our Christian character. It doesn’t grow overnight.
The Spirit of Strength: A Christian is strong when he can endure injustice and remains calm. If he can pray for his adversaries and wish them good from his heart. If he is left in need and is still grateful to God. If he can confess his sin immediately. If he can bow where others are too proud. If he can’t hear others insulting him. When he puts all his faith in the LORD. If he trusts Jesus in the face of death. When he’s soaked with Jesus. An envyable, stable, strong character who is not afraid of anything anymore!
This strength does not come by itself, it is trained. Through much injustice and suffering and because the child of God can only cling to Jesus. It is his decision to sue or trust, self-pity or faith.
We don’t want to be a reed that constantly turns and bends with the wind! We would rather be Oaks of the Lord!

Lord, make me strong! Sometimes self-pity bothers me, I rather complain than trust you and thank you in advance! Forgive me, for that is not proper for a child of God! Thank you, you know all my needs and I can count on you. You’re good to me!