Grace – 2018.05.13

Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you!
Isaiah 30:18

Grace is the love of the Lord, His affection for His people in every way. The german word “huld” (favor) corresponds  to this all-embracing grace. Grace is very concrete, tangible: the redemption from all kinds of sin, the release from the power of darkness, from negative thinking, it is new life for people without hope, it is shelter and protection in concrete situations. Yes, as said above, grace is all-embracing, proves to be real in our daily challenges.
For many it is difficult to believe that God really loves us, is eager to help, to heal our heart so that we are able to overcome our doubts and  receive His grace.
By all means grace is unmerited. As long as you want to earn it by yourself you will receive earthly rewards but not grace. Who can pay for his sins, can buy himself out of guilt, death, darkness, chains? Of course nobody! And yet many people try it. They try hard, pray and fast for God to show mercy.  God, however, is watching that nobody can say: Our prayers were so perfect that God could not do other than listen to them. Our fasting was so intensive that He fulfilled our wishes. The wish to earn by own endeavors is very strong in many and gives in reality no room for grace. God cannot be manipulated. He immediately sees our attempts to influence Him. He waits patiently until we give up and begin to trust Him so that He can bless us with His grace, completely undeserved by us.
Do you know the story of the “Little Lord” who was able to change his grandfather to melt his heart so that he treated his servants justly. God is not hard-hearted as this grandfather had been in the beginning. We should act like the little boy, pray with a pure heart trusting Jesus – He certainly will hear our prayers. It depends on the honesty, not on the length of the prayers. It may be short. In the Bible there are many powerful short prayers. God will also listen to prayers spoken while driving a car, washing dishes, cutting of the lawn, also while milking cows. He will not necessarily pay attention to prayers that go with violence over 3 hours kneeling on the floor . He will not listen to people who fill their time only with pleading and do not work. He loves when we are close with Him in Jesus name.

Thank You, Jesus, You are hearing my prayer!