A happy child of God – 2018.05.12

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry „Abba! Father!“
Romans 8, 15

Are you a child of God? Is HE your Father? How do you know?
Some say: That’s written in the Bibel. Yes, it is. But do we believe everything that is written somewhere?
It may convince us and we agree with that opinion, but we still do not know in our heart.
My mother did not show me the birth certification after I was born and said: It is written here that I am your mother.
No, I just knew in my heart that she was my mother, she didn’t have to say it.
It is the same with our heavenly Father.
We know it, or we are not. This knowledge is located deep in our heart: HE is my loving Father.
This is the work of the Holy Spirit, we cannot believe it alone. This knowledge in us is safe, strong, undeniable, but no provable.
Only when sin lures us again and we give in to it, this knowledge is gone. Then we must quickly turn back, ask for forgiveness, and invite Jesus back into our hearts as King.
The way we adress God is a sign to us what a relationship we have with HIM.
If we are only pious, HE is the Lord, the Majesty. And our language is very sacred in prayer.
If we are children of God, we speak freely and without compulsion. We love HIM!!!
Another sign of our relationship with God is fear. When I fear God, when I see HIM as my judge, when I fell guilty towards HIM, I am not HIS child. For when I have grown into the grapevine like the vine, the juice of life, the Holy Spirit, flows. And he pours the love of God into my heart.
This overwhelming love dispels all fear. How could I fear someone who loves me so much?
So this casual, joyful relationship with God is in me a work of the Holy Spirit.
HE makes it possible! In prayer we want to invite the Holy Spirit to show us Jesus and the Father and the love that the Father has for us. Let us invite Jesus to be our Lord. We want this new life!!!

Thank you Jesus, You have cleared the way to God through the cross and forgiveness!
You send me your Holy Spirit to thelp me believe and to make clear to me everything that God wants. Yes, I want the Holy Spirit in my heart! I want to love you and receive your love! I want to be a child of God!!!


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