Never forgotten – 2018.05.11

But God will never forget the needy;
and the hope of the afflicted will never perish.
Psalm 9:18

Sometimes it seems as if everything in life goes wrong, as if chaos reigns, as if everything is in vain.
But whoever thinks like this has made his calculation without God. He is the fair Judge. He has mercy on the poor, who is pushed back and forth and with whom the powerful can do whatever they want. He has set a limit to everything, including injustice.
When His people were oppressed in Egypt and cried out miserably for help, HE heard and turned to His people full of mercy. He did not explain to them how He wanted to save them because they would not have understood or believed it. But HE executed His plan and freed His people from slavery, HE led them through the middle of the Red Sea. Who could have come up with such a solution? Only God could have come up with such an idea.
And with you it will be exactly the same: He has a solution for you that you have never thought of before. A solution that is completely beyond your comprehension. He has prepared a good way for you!
Therefore, let us pour out our hearts before Him and then already give thanks. Because gratitude is what best shows our trust in Him.
We do not want to let Him go and become discouraged. We do not want to become indifferent and live without goal. Our hope is the LORD who made heaven and earth. He is strong, patient, merciful and full of grace.
HE has redeemed you, has called you by your name; you are His! He has a wonderful plan for you, one He will implement. Entrust yourself to Him again! And be content that HE is with you now. He knows every need, and He is with you in every need. He comforts, encourages, gives hope and even joy in the midst of need. He is a wonderful LORD!

Yes Lord, I want to trust You, even if there is so much against it. I don’t want to expose myself to despondency and be one of the hopeless. Rather, I want to believe that You mean well with me and will redeem me wonderfully!