To sow with tears, to reap with songs of joy! – 2018.05.09

Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.
Those who go out for weeping, carrying sees of sow,
will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with them.
Psalms 126:5f

Jesus encourages us to come to Him with our tears and burdens to throw all our sorrows and misery on to Him. He wants to carry them all. He did it on the Cross where the trouble may remain.We are invited to cry with Him, to lean at His shoulder, to tell Him all that moves and trouble us. He is always there, wait for us and is happy when we come to Him.
But often we give up too early with our prayers, do not give Him the time to help, to console, to lift us up. Our trust in Him is too weak, we are impatient and cannot stand still to endure the pressure of distress.
It is far better to sit at His feet to wait until He speaks to us, comfort us, shows us a way. We then take firm His words, will not doubt them, will not have discussion about them, or even do not take them seriously.
Again, it is a pleasure for Him to help us in time of need, to comfort and encourage us. And what He promised He certainly will fulfill as He is Lord! I realize when my prayers get through to God. Then my grief becomes joy and I start to praise and thank Him as I know the problem is solved even if the results are not yet visible. His promises remain unshakeabel for me. I will not brood whether the Lord is able to help me or when He will do that. I fully will trust Him. He is Lord!
Yes, my grief, my tears turns into joy! I can carry the sheaves as the fruits of faith. He is Lord!

Thank You, Jesus, You are so well to me. You are wonderful! You hear my cries for help, my tears are precious to You. You like to comfort and to encourage. When I come to you in sincerity Your heart is getting soft and You step into action. You are a wonderful God.


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