Our Wisdom and His Simplicity – 2018.05.08

For Christ has sent me….. to preach the Gospel – not with wisdom and eloquence, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power.
1 Corinthians 1:17

Some time ago I listened to a conversation about the cemetery rules. How complicated everything is! I thought. And I naive man thought if you die, you’re buried and done. No, there are orders and whole books. Well, I thought, the theologians are also in need of work….
But in the Bible everything is always very, very simple. So simple that everyone really understands it. Only the churches have made themselves indispensable, and have written books by the mile and made everything very complicated. No normal person can understand all this!
Everything that is clear to everyone is not necessary to write in cemetery rules, e.g. that it is slippery on black ice and one should be careful, or that one should not ride a bike or motorcycle in the cemetery. Or doesn’t have a barbecue during a funeral….
How people are buried, the view to the east, where the sun rises, does not matter to the LORD. When HE comes, it doesn’t matter whether you look to the west or east, whether you are buried horizontally or vertically, in the urn grave or anonymously or pulverized by the atom bomb on the sea or in Hiroshima: HE calls You, HE calls all His believers out of their graves and they come out with a new body! No one will be forgotten! They fly through the air towards their beloved LORD. And those who are still alive on the day when the Lord comes, they will also be transformed, they will get a new body and will be united with Him. He has no problem with order! He calls and hears everything.
Only the poor people who did not believe in Him will remain in the grave.  They will be forgotten by Him.  And there will be many graves in the church cemeteries where nothing is moving. These are church members who have no faith in Him. And where the so-called non-believers, sinners and suicides etc. lie separate, some graves will be open and empty. How wonderful, gracious and almighty is our Lord!

Thank You Jesus, for the Bible, Your Word! Everything is so wonderfully simple and ingeniously described. YOU have a good, practical, simple solution for everything! YOU are wonderful, simple yet mysterious, brilliant and inscrutably tall! YOU are the LORD!!