A new heart – 2018.05.04

The tablets were the work of God;  the writing was the writing of God, engraved on the tablets.
Exodus 32, 16

The text is about the stone tablets on which God had written the Ten Commandments. He gave it to Moses, and Moses descended the mountain to his people.
These two tablets were smashed by Moses out of anger against Israel because they had made another God while he was on the mountain with God. Later he made new ones.
The tablets on which God’s finger had written were made of stone, and they were shattered.
The commandments were of no use because the people kept the commandments only according to the wording, but certainly not from the heart. And even according to the wording they could not keep the commandments and become a holy nation.
So now God has something else in mind: HE wants to take our heart of stone and give us one of flesh and in this heart HE wants to write His commandments. Let the finger of God label us!
Our heart of stone: How often are we without compassion, without empathy, without love, without humility, unfriendly, annoying, bitter, without forgiveness for the other…. We don’t want our old heart to be renewed, we want it out. God wants to create a new one! A heart of flesh, a living heart, one inscribed by God and not by the spirit of this world, a merciful heart, a friendly, gentle, patient, joyful heart! And HE wants to inscribe it so that everyone can see it: Here is an image of the mighty, loving God! A child of the LORD!
He wants to shape our heart: We must become silent before Him so that He can form and inscribe us. His program, which HE wants to put into us, is the Holy Spirit. Read Galatians 5:22 and see how it goes!

Thank you Jesus, You are reshaping me. The old has passed, everything is to become new. I don’t want my heart of stone any more, I want a living heart! A cheerful heart! A heart full of peace, serenity, trust in God and peace! The finger of God may write on my heart so that I may become an image of His love. Thank You for this liberation! You are wonderful!!