To see God – 2018.05.03

My ears had heard of You,
but now my eyes have seen You!
Job 42:5

Actually the faith of Job that had grown in him throughout his life, was very strong. Otherwise he would not have endured the severe suffering. His friends did not understand him in the end. His wife even asked him to give up, to forget the Father. However, he wanted to stay with his God.
At the end God revealed Himself to Job who  finally could proclaim: ” My ears had heard of You, but now my eyes have seen You!”
He saw God in a completely different way, alive and new, saw His greatness and power as if he would have met Him first time..
Yes, so it should be with us. In fact we want to approach God to learn His character , His many facets more and more.
This is surely an endless work. How may facets have a diamond? Almost too many to count them. And how it glitters and sparkles! It always looks new.
So it is with God. We will discover always new sides and new characteristics about Him and always will be fascinated again by His greatness. If God`s nature would be exactly defined  and completely known to us then the Bible study loses its excitement, the prayers have no power, everything is nothing but pure duty.
No, if we want to know God it gets thrilling! Trusting Him and His promises as His little children we will be amazed at His kindness and greatness and how He speaks to us.
When we are in great trouble He surprises us with solutions. Not always He does that immediately. His way of saving is always different. But how great are His presents for us and always different  for each person.
Everybody understands a part of God. Therefore an exchange of knowledge among siblings is so important. This helps to understand God better. To understand God is to see God. Yes, we want to see God as He is and that not alone. It is an adventure to approach Him in order to discover always new secrets of Him. He always has new surprises ready for us.

Thank You, Jesus! You are so great! This is more than I can understand. But it is exciting to discover always new sides of You which is encouraging. Yes, it is thrilling with You! How great is Your grace, Your mercy, Your goodness – unlimited!